Friday, April 2, 2010

I Guess I'm a Grown-up Now...

Well, I officially have my first real grown up job. We're talking full-time, benefits, paid vacation, the whole shebang. I'm now an Assistant Manager for Aeropostale at the mall closer to my house. I'm really really excited about this change, but I am so super sad to leave the Gap. I love the people I work for (for the most part), but I think this will be a good change, plus I'll get to see everyone often.

I'm really excited that I finally realized that retail is what I love to do, and that I want to make it my career. I would be miserable doing a desk job, and sure even retail get's stressful and crazy at times, but I'm actually really good at it too. Perhaps getting an MBA is in my future, but for now I'm going to enjoy my first real grown up job.