Saturday, May 31, 2008

Learner's Permit

Its official, I have my instructors permit for the state of Wisconsin so I can officially practice driving again. Its all shiny and new and I quite enjoy it, it looks kind of like a real license with my picture and everything but it is slightly different...last time all I had was a piece of exciting. I even got to put it to good use today. No, I didn't drive (lets not be ridiculous), but Bill and I went to the Texas Roadhouse for dinner and they had a special on margaritas. Who knew they had so many yummy flavors! It was a tough debate between watermelon or strawberry banana, but I went with watermelon in the end, and I got carded. Bill did too, which of course he blamed me since well he is like 5 years above the drinking age. I am glad on my very first day of owning my shiny new learners permit I put it to good use.

In addition to our lovely dinner we got Superbad to watch (purely because I told him he could pick the movie). I didn't want to see it at all, but in the end it was actually kind of funny! Well I probably should keep this short and get to bed!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Fairy Tales

So i was telling my mom the other day after we watched 27 Dresses that I don't think I could ever find my "Dr. McDreamy" or any movie guy like that. She asked what about Bill, and I said that I couldn't ever see him being the type to just randomly send me flowers or do any of the cute things the boy in the movie did. Well, though I do agree when most people say movies just exaggerate those things, I caught a glimpse of Bill last night that I hadn't really seen yet.

If we were going out to dinner he would always comment on how I looked "very nice" which is totally a typical boy answer to be polite. Well last night we were just at his apartment watching the news when a news story came on about Eva Longoria and it was about her serving food at Wendy's (I'm not sure of the whole story, thats all i really remember). For reference she looked extremely pretty in the story (here's a picture of what she looked like, and I want her dress):

Anyway, so I made the comment "maybe when I lose enough weight I can be pretty like that" which I try not to do because I know it annoys guys. Bill turned to me and he's like "You're already that pretty". This really took me by surprise and made me think about some things. Why is it that girls always get gooey eyed when guys give them flowers and stuff like that...what do you do with flowers anyway? I realized that he said something that meant more to me than a dozen roses ever could. Maybe I need to step back and start putting things into perspective, like I don't need a McDreamy (hello, for all those who watch Grey's Anatomy you have to admit he's kind of a super big jerk, although I did practically cry during the Season Finale so whatever), instead I need to appreciate what I have right in front of me. Maybe I'll never get flowers, but I do get other things like these compliments and encouragement for my goals...which if you think about it are pretty freaking awesome!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My Goals

So I have been really wanting to lose weight, but it always seems like such a daunting task. You see my goal is to get somewhere close to the weight I was when I started college and looked like this (sorry Adrienne I'm posting you in my blog ha ha...if you even read this):

Sorry its kind of small but thats me on the left about a month or so before I started college...yes I didn't wear make-up or do my hair...but thats not the point ha ha...this is just how I want to look (with better hair and make-up obviously).

I was talking to Bill about it tonight after getting kind of unjustly upset at him, and he said I should make smaller goals for myself, and he would reward me with presents! So these are the fun rewards I get:

Loss of 10 pounds: a new outfit (and he is aware Ann Taylor Loft is my store of choice...sucker...I hope he realizes how much it will be) and I've already chosen my outfit, and I want one of these tank tops:

with this jacket to go over it:

and some jeans, but jeans are boring to post a picture of ha ha...I wonder if shoes are included in this deal...hmmm...anyway

Loss of 20 pounds: a game for my Wii, I'm thinking I want this one because I remember playing Mario Party when I would go to Reno and loving it a lot!

Loss of 30 pounds: a new swimsuit and a trip to this awesome place:

Yes thats true, we'd get to go to Noah's Ark in Wisconsin Dells :D which is also known as America's Largest Waterpark! I haven't been there since I was like probably 8 or so, and I am super excited for that one.

Loss of 40 pounds: pretty much anything my little tiny heart desires ha ha ha...

I hope I can do this, I really want to do this, and I think this might help. Now losing 40 pounds wont get me close to where I want to be, nor even close to my weight before I started college at that, but its a good big goal to start with. Good thing I have my Dance Dance Revolution thing to incorporate to my work-out program ha ha!

Oh and I played too much Wii baseball today and now my pitching arm hurts ha ha! But it was fun to hang out with my parents, Brian, and Liz today :D I like Liz a lot, and I hope things work out with them because she would be an awesome sister-in-law to have, and since I only get one shot at a sister-in-law she better be freaking amazing.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

I'm STILL a Toys 'R' Us Kid!

Today i regained my Toys 'R' Us kid status because of this:

Thats right we finally found some place that had Wii game systems in stock. Not only did we get a Wii but we got this little gem too:

This is something i've wanted for many many years. We were supposed to get the Wii Fit thing that came out on Wednesday, but apparently they're sold out everywhere in our area, so I got the DDR stuff instead. Needless to say, I'm a very happy camper. Tomorrow is Memorial Day and my parents are having my brother and Liz over for a barbeque, badminton, and who knows what else. It will be fun, I hope, and then at night I'm hanging out with Bill (which is always a good time!)

Saturday, May 24, 2008

It could be psychological...

This place:

is evil...or maybe its just me. See I hadn't been to eat at the Water Street Brewery (which used to be one of my favorite places to eat in Milwaukee) since New Years Eve in 2004. Steve and I went before the Big Bad Voodoo Daddy Concert. Needless to say I spent most of the concert in the bathroom feeling like I needed to throw up, and it kind of was lame because I ended up throwing up all over some random persons front lawn in downtown Milwaukee (sorry random person but we had to pull over and thats where we did ha ha).

Anyway, last night Bill and I went there to eat because he really wanted to try the raspberry weiss beer they brew and serve there. I agreed and figured I could handle it, after all I've gotten over my Chili's fear after getting sick there too. Plus, we were going to the other location (in Delafield) and not the one Steve and I went to in Milwaukee. I decided to go with a chicken caesar wrap because hey what could go wrong with lettuce, grilled chicken, a tortilla and dressing (with a bonus of their homemade brewery chips!)...apparently something can go wrong.

We were "watching The Office" (I don't think I need to really explain the quotation marks ha ha) when a sudden urge to die came over me...luckily I made it to the bathroom and felt completely fine afterwards. Now...this could all just be psychological, you know the feeling how you can't eat certain things because you've gotten sick from them, but still I am re-boycotting the water street brewery.

Oh and for the record, I am getting a Wii because I ended up not getting a stimulus check back because I was claimed as a dependent, so as a present my parents are buying me a Wii to make up for it. Did you know they're still impossible to find? Yeah I didn't realize that...but I did see you can get Dance Dance Revolution for the Wii (yes I'm that much of a dork). Oh and I want the Mario Kart thing too...

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I Am Super Excited!

So, if all things work out as planned, I will get to see this on Friday!

Thats right, its Body Worlds! It ends June 1st at the Milwaukee Public Museum. I have wanted to go to that since it opened in Las Vegas, but never got a chance to go. Then I realized it was at the museum in Milwaukee. Tickets are super expensive, but Bill told me tonight if he doesn't have to work (he was supposed to have Friday off but got promoted yesterday so that jeopardizes things) that we could go. Yay for that, and I am happy he got a promotion, but I still hate that he has an important job (he is a finance advisor for Waukesha County...aka he does everyone's budget and looks over spending and all that stuff).

Keep your fingers crossed for me that we somehow get to go! I was supposed to cook dinner for us tonight, but sadly he got off at 6:30 instead of 5, and by that time we were both starving. Instead we went to Cousin's Subs and that was just as yummy :)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My new room is pretty much done :)

So I finally got my room put together for the most part, though I do need to hang my mirror. Its been nice to change it because after living in Cedar/Utah for so long Wisconsin was just a place to visit. Now with my new room it feels like home. Here are some pictures I took :) Oh and sorry they're blurry, I was using my phone since I can't find my camera.

This is my pretty bed. I love my comforter so much!

This is what my window looks like, and my desk. I might do some rearranging but you get the general idea of how it looks. PS my dad made all my furniture, cool huh?

Here is my lovely closet. I hated closet doors when I was little so my mom would always make curtains to match the decor of my room...and I decided to keep the tradition alive. Oh and theres my dresser I painted. Above my dresser there will be a cool mirror that hangs by a ribbon...its cool.

This is another picture of my walls I cool necklace holder from bulloch drug that looks like a dress frame. It needs to be organized ha ha.

Lastly this is Edward the Hedgehog. You see my door (which ignore how beat up it is, and the molding too, they're being replaced this weekend) no matter what always swings shut unless you prop it open. I had a ceramic puppy I painted at summer camp when I was like 8 that I had used for forever...well it needed to be retired and I found this little guy at Kohls so he is now my doorstop.

There you go my lovely room is done. Other than that I haven't been doing much, just still trying to find a job...grrr. Tomorrow I'm cooking dinner for Bill and I am very much excited for that!

Friday, May 16, 2008

It's a Sad Day for Feet...

So today I went to ye old Boston Store because quite frankly I had nothing better to do and my mom needed to go for other reasons. I got distracted in the shoe department and was talking to the sales person and he told me they're discontinuing my favorite brand of shoes, Bobbi Blu. I was very sad, and I know this seems trivial but I love shoes a lot because they always fit and even when I feel fat I can always put on my favorite shoes and they'll fit. These shoes are exceptionally fun because they are funky (as seen in the pair I posted about yesterday) but they're comfy and cute. Needless to say, I was crushed, and so my mom bought me two pairs ha ha. These are the two that I got. I've been dying for moccasins but they always look so trashy but these are cute styling moccasins :)

And then I really fell in love with these flats:

So thats my excitement for today, two new pairs of shoes. I also cleaned out everything from my room since we're painting it tomorrow. It created quite an awkward feeling in me after seeing everything I had in high school...I hope the feeling goes away soon! I am excited to paint and redecorate tomorrow!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Shopping Adventures :)

So today my mom and I went shopping at Mayfair for my brother's girlfriend Liz's graduation present. She graduates with her Masters in Educational Administration (I think) tomorrow from UW-Madison. In the process, I got presents :) :) First we stopped at Ann Taylor Loft (my favorite store by far) and I got a couple of cute things. My favorite is this shirt:

I'm so glad that yellow, especially that shade, looks way super cute on me. The other shirt I got they didn't have listed on their website, but it was this cute black off-white and turquoise blouse. Then we went to Boston Store and I found these adorable shoes on sale for $59.99 (they're bobbi blu shoes, which are never on sale, nor cheap). Needless to say my mom bought them for me too ha ha.

Yesterday I also had my date with Bill, and it was much fun. We went to the Chancery for dinner and it was so yummy. I saw someone I haven't seen since high school graduation, but I was too chicken to say hi. It was fun to go there because I think the last time I went there was in high school, and all I really remember is Kyla was there...but thats all I remember. Afterwards we came back to my place and just talked for a while, and depending on how my painting of my room goes this weekend, he and I might hang out again :)

Nothing else is new or exciting, just trying to find a job still. Stupid economy...

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Back in the 'Shaw

This is what my new comforter set looks like. One of my graduation presents was to redo my room complete with new paint and all. My room has been the way it is, complete with glow in the dark stars, for about 11 years. Needless to say it needed a make-over, and I chose the colors chocolate brown and pink (shocker, I know). I think the fun pillows are my favorite part of this set. Tomorrow I'm painting my dresser, and I think I'm far more excited than I should be.

So I've been living back in Wisconsin for a week, and honestly its not that bad. I have my first date tomorrow with a guy named Bill and it should be a good time had by all, minus the fact we're getting mexican food I think and we all know how I feel about mexican food. But at least its mexican food served inside of a train...which makes up for the ethnicity of the food right? Right I hope so.