Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My goal shirt!

So I posted a while ago about a goal bikini I wanted to fit into, which hasn't really been the motivation I needed since I won't get to wear it for a long time and even then only once or twice. So I decided to get a goal shirt to wear by the time Lindsey and Steve get here in August. Not that they care what I wear, but it's an 8 week or so goal, and I like smaller goals I've realized.

Here is the cute shirt I'm going to go buy tomorrow that I want to fit into. And for once it's not from the Gap because if I spend 9 dollars on a shirt like they usually cost after my discount it's not motivation because I always think "hey it was only 9 dollars, who cares if I don't fit into it".

Hopefully I can do it! I'm totally motivated after feeling like crap the past few days (which is weird cause I actually ate pretty healthy). I have made this same post 500 times over the past year, but hopefully this is the last time I have to make it ha ha.

Monday, June 8, 2009

"She's a Natural Disaster"

Today, as Cami so awesomely reminded me today, I became an official menace to society seeing that I am 25 and unmarried. When i was born, way back in 1984, there was a tornado in Wisconsin that destroyed an entire town in the state. Well as a result, when I was little my mom called me her little tornado. If you remember from previous blog posts, last year on my birthday the entire state was in a state of flooding, including having dams burst and entire lakes drained. Well this year, was no exception to the natural disaster pattern, as there were tornado warnings (but no actual touch-downs), lots of rain and thunder and lighting, and some hail. As a result, I've had the Plain White T's song "Natural Disaster" in my head all day, which is where the title of this post comes from.

I had an amazing birthday and got to hang out with my 3 favorite people. My mom surprised me this morning and said she took the day off so we can go shopping (our favorite past time) and what not. We went to the Cheesecake factory for lunch, and after lunch we went and returned a lot of stuff that has been waiting to be taken back and bought birthday presents for everyone else who has birthdays this week (since my birthday is the first out of 5). Then for dinner my parents, Brian, and I went to the Texas Roadhouse. It was super yummy and I love how unawkward it is (at least for me haha Brian might say otherwise) when it is my parents and Brian and I. We then had cake and ice cream at my house, and it was the same exact cake I had last year, just a different color. Haha what can I say, I know what I like!

I hadn't really known what I wanted for my birthday, but I just assumed it was going to be my tickets to Vegas in October, since my mom told me she'd buy them for me as my birthday present. Well I also was surprise with a new camera! My last camera was stolen by a former roommate and/or one of her friends, and so I was excited to get a new one. It's a coolpix camera that is seen in the commercials with Ashton Kutcher where it has a touch screen and stuff. I love it, and I also got some switchflop straps, and some lottery tickets (I won 13 bucks, woo hoo!) from my parents. Brian's parents gave me a gift card to Maggie Moo's ice cream shop and some earrings, and Brian, despite thinking they're creepy, gave me a Willow Tree statue :) We decided not to do the whole major gift thing and save our money seeing as our birthdays are so close together and we're going to Vegas in the fall. I'd much rather see a show or have extra gambling money to win big with ha ha. I'm such a lucky girl and without further ado, here are some cute pictures I took with my new camera (oh, disclaimer, I had spent tons of time on my hair this morning but the rain kind of ruined it so thats why I look like a disheveled homeless person):

Here are my cute parents at the restaurant, notice my moms awesome eye patch. She rocks :)

Here is Brian and I at the restaurant:

This is me with my super awesome cake:

and me licking my super awesome cake. Notice Brian looking at me like I'm crazy...I get that look a lot ;):

Friday, June 5, 2009

A Million Stolen Bases

Tonight was the first really warm night in almost a month or so (it was 75, still not June weather, but considering last year the whole state was flooded, I'll take the cooler weather over that) and I really wanted to do something outside. A cool thing that happens in our area is a lot of churches throw festivals to raise money for their parishes. The biggest one in the area happened this weekend, and Brian and I decided to go. Well after driving around for forever, and finally finding a spot, we got there, and left like 2 minutes later. The line for food was literally a good 100 people long and we were starving!

We decided to go down to Miller Park because at the Brewer's stadium is a TGI Fridays that is open all year round. We had yummy food, and after we were done we noticed that there was a little league game going on at Helfaer Field (the little league baseball park that is also on the Miller Park complex). So, seeing that we didn't have any other plans, we decided to watch a little league game since it's free. We had no clue where the teams were from but one team was the Lazers and the other was the Crusaders. They were teams made up of 5th graders, and it was a really great time. The Lazers played dirty though and they stole bases pretty much anytime any one of their players made it on base. A kid even stole home once, which I didn't even know was legal, but it is. In the end, my team (the Crusaders) lost 10-12, but it was a really really fun night. I even snapped a few pictures with my blackberry to share with y'all. Oh and I decided someday when I get married I want to have my reception at Helfaer field because then we can play baseball brides family vs. grooms family and inside the building that comprises the front of Helfaer field there is a room to like house the reception part in case of inclement weather! It's totally my plan, a big huge BBQ complete with hotdogs and sno-cones, and baseball cupcakes. Best wedding ever!

This is a classic self-portrait of Brian and me that I make him do wherever we go:

A picture of the building that makes up the front of the field:

And lastly, a picture of how cool the field looks with Miller Park behind it: