Saturday, November 29, 2008


I was so excited for thanksgiving this year because it was my first thanksgiving at home in Wisconsin in 5 years. Even though it wasn't our usual thanksgiving (everyone coming to our house) because my grandpa is in the hospital and a variety of other things, it was still great.

First we went and visited my grandma at her house, and to my surprise my aunt, uncle, and 6 year old cousin were there. It was funny because I guess like 30 seconds before we walked in the door my cousin was sad because no one was coming to the party. What timing! We played Lego Batman on the Wii and it was so fun, I want that game but according to my cousin I can't have it because I'm not 10 :)

Then we went and visited my grandpa at the hospital, which is sad because hospitals are always sad, but it was still good to see him. I have the best memories of my grandparents and the holidays and I really hope that he'll be out of the hospital for Christmas. Christmas Eve is definitely my favorite day of the year.

The only kind of weird part of my Thanksgiving was having to go have a talk with Brian ha ha. We got in an argument the night before and needed to sort some things out since he was coming to my house for dinner and I didn't want it to be awkward. Our talk was good and we sorted things out and all is well with us.

It was way fun to have Brian come to dinner at my parents, and my brother Brian and his girlfriend Liz were also there. It was neat to have it be the 6 of us considering that someday that might really be my family since I'm convinced Brian and Liz will get married, and it wouldn't surprise me if me and Brian get married, so it was a fun little preview. My moms cooking was delicious as always, and I was happy to be home again for thanksgiving to experience it.

I have lots that I'm thankful for, and I'm glad for how great my life is :)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Fitness Update (round like 10?)

So I've posted about ten times how I'm going to start losing weight and being healthy blah blahblahblahblahblahaha. It never happens...I don't know why I'm such a slacker I just am. Part of it was mostly my work schedule not coinciding properly with the gym hours, etc. Now my schedule is suddenly VERY open to letting me go to the gym so I can't use that excuse to go. Nor can I use my deadly cold, bitar (well for a while anyway), or any other excuse as to why the gym is missing me so. I am going to get healthy and fit. Although to give myself a little credit Brian and I have been playing racquetball once a week, and I did get a new racquet that I'm dying to try out!

Can a blog entry in here go by without proclaiming the greatness that is Brian? I really don't think so, so here is another example of how great he is. So today I get online after work and Brian has this idea he tells me about. He decided that we should have some MAJOR motivation to kick our bums in gear, and as a result he booked us a trip to somewhere in February (between Valentine's Day and our 6 monthaversary) but he won't tell me to where. In order to go on the trip we both have to make significant improvements in ourselves, but instead to determine it by numbers he determined that I need to be comfortable enough with myself to wear a swimsuit without shorts over it (yikes! I hate my cottage cheese thighs) and he needs to be comfortable not wearing a t-shirt to the pool (and feel picture worthy in such a state). Before we'd set goals like "we can't do this unless we get into shape" but it never would happen and we'd do whatever was said anyways. This is more concrete, like it's reserved and such...yikes!

Now I LOVE surprises but I suck at being patient when I actually know a surprise is happening. I cannot know where we are going unless I have made improvements by January 1st. Thats right, at 12:01 am on January 1st, 2009 I can know where we are going. I don't care if it's to a hotel in Waukesha (because there is a super cool hotel in Waukesha ha ha that would be fun to go to), I just want to know! That being said, tomorrow the diet is on! I'm kicking my fat-ass into gear to do this. Besides I get knew clothes and a swimsuit as a result, not from Brian cause thats way more than I need from him, but from myself and I'm sure my mom will pitch in. Aren't I lucky though to have such a supportive guy in my life who does such great things? Oh and I'm definitely lucky to have supportive parents on top of that.

Oh and Happy 4 Monthaversary :)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Two day Mini Vacay!

Yesterday and today I was amazingly fortunate to be able to go on a mini-vacation with Brian. He had to visit a client roughly 4 hours away from here and as a result decided to stay the night over in Northern Wisconsin. Of course, I don't think he factored in that I'm the worst road-trip companion because I cannot stay awake in the car no matter how much sleep I got the night before nor how much caffeine I consume. As a result, on the way up, I slept over half of the way ha ha.

Eventually we made it and he met with his client and all that lawyer stuff that really does interest me. Then we drove an hour back south to a different town to stay the night at a Holiday Inn. It was way fun because we were like the only people there. In addition, I finally won at something sports related! We went down to the pool and since we were the only ones there we played basketball three times. I won 2 of the 3 games, thus making me the champion of the world. We also went in the hot tub but some people are chickens *cough*Brian*cough* and deemed it too warm.

Today when we drove back we took a scenic route and drove through all these little tiny Wisconsin towns. I realized that Utah and Wisconsin have many similarly named towns such as: Monroe, Richfield, Enterprise, etc... Of course I fell asleep again which was sad, but only for like a half hour this time ha ha. It was fun taking a mini-tour of Wisconsin, and I'm so grateful for Brian. I say that every time I blog ha ha but he really is great! Tomorrow is our 4-month-aversary and it seems like we've been together WAY longer than that (in a good way). I definitely can't picture myself with anyone else, nor would I want to be with anyone else. I love him bunches!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Car or Ice Skate?

So today when I left for work at 1 this afternoon it was snowing, just flurries as Brian would say. Well when my co-worker was a half hour late (5:30 instead of 5) due to traffic i was thinking that maybe it was snowing really hard. Well I got to my car and it wasn't snowing, it had snowed, but it had stopped. I was thinking maybe people were just not used to driving in snow, like myself. I was jamming out to the Christmas station when I heard that the road I usually take was down to 4 lanes instead of 6 and the alternate route was also backed up, so I decided to scrap that route all together and go by way of my mom's hospital which is a little out of the way but whatever. As soon as I got on that route I realized the problem. Ice...mass quantities...the whole road from side to side was just ice all over the general Milwaukee/Waukesha area.

I was doing ok, but the car in front of me was all over the place like an ice skate and it made me nervous so I kept my distance. Eventually he slid all the way off the side of the road, turned on his hazards, and then I passed because I figured he gave up. Apparently not, he pulled out behind me and it made me nervous. So there are these huge hills that I needed to go up and down and I was doing ok until I got to the one right in front of my moms hospital. My car started to slide (you see no one told me about putting it into first, and tapping the break) and eventually I slid all the way sideways down the hill praying I wouldn't roll my car. Eventually I stopped only to look over and see the other car sliding down the hill much in the same manner as I did until he slid into my car. It was so scary and it was like mass slow motion. The guy was nice and helped push my car (I couldn't get traction) around til I could drive it off onto a side road and he said he'd pull behind me to exchange info. JUST KIDDING he took off. Therefore screwing me over should anything have happened to my car (it wasn't that fast lets be honest but still it was scary). So far only one dent has appeared but since it's dark we'll see what appears in the daylight. My mom came and saved me (it took her an hour and a half to go what usually is a 20 minute drive for she was at a different hospital for the day) and we parked my car at her hospital (they salted the hill about 2 hours after I slid down it) and we drove home in her car. Needless to say it was very very scary and I very very much am dreading driving again.

The funny part was, after you crossed from Brookfield (where I slid) into Waukesha the roads were completely void of any traces of snow. The roads weren't even wet at all nor was there any snow to be found. Weird. On top of that, Brian is the greatest boyfriend as always. He wanted to come save me but couldn't due to road conditions. He really is my knight in a trusty white taurus!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Its my fault you can't watch your kid?

Ok so I know I don't personally have children and so maybe I don't have claim on what I'm about to vent on, but I'm venting anyway because well I can. So today at work it was INSANELY busy...we're talking like $30,000 in revenue for our one little store type busy (PS...recession what? If we're in a recession how can people have that much to spend on overpriced baby clothes?). Anyway, this lady is checking out with her piles of stuff and I was completely unaware she even had a child with her because she never asked for her kid nor looked around for her. I rang up her purchases (which yes takes a few minutes as we're all aware) and she went on her way.

Then she comes storming up to the counter saying her daughter had something in her mouth that made her mouth turn blue and it HAD to come from our store cause she would never let her kid eat candy like that. Ok lady this is a CLOTHING store, we don't sell candy, nor do you think someone would be stupid enough to put it at a kid level. So then she started blaming it on our toys because we do sell toys. Again...would a major retailer be dumb enough to put teeny tiny parts in a baby/toddler store at child We only sell huge stuffed animals and huge wooden cars and other various baby safe crap. Her daughter pointed out that she put it in her mouth by the kid table (we have a kid table for kids to play at) so who knows who left it there. She proceeded to rant about how we should watch what kids do at that table (mind you, its super far from the register) and whats left there, blah blah blah. Look lady, its not my job to baby sit your kid, now thats not to say if I see a kid about to do something potentially hazardous I'll just stay quiet. I've stopped kids from potentially killing themselves on a table or something before. Yes, if someone leaves something at the table and I see it I will clean it up, but when I literally do not leave a register for 3 hours straight because it's that busy, its not my top priority. My job title does not say "babysitter", nor does our store say "playground" it says "baby/toddler clothing store". Some kids belong on leashes I swear...and maybe I wouldn't be so mad if it was like a 1 year old, her kid was like 3 so shouldn't they know better whats food and whats not or at least to know to stay by said parent?

Moral of the story: don't treat sales associates like they're idiots, and please don't expect us to watch your kids while you shop. I know this may seem pointless but she really was causing a scene and it really was rude and uncalled for and it happens repeatedly. Besides, its my blog I can vent on whatever I want.

On a positive note, my boyfriend is still super fantastically great. We played racquetball this weekend (I lost 3 of the 4 games) and went bowling (I lost 2 of 2 games ha ha) and just spent quality time together. I love him lots and I don't know what I'd do without him.

Friday, November 14, 2008


Can I just say I love being sneaky (in a good way, not in a bad deceiving type way). I'm totally up to something great, and I'm only saying this because a.) I wanted to blog but didn't really have anything to blog about, and b.) I want curiosity to be peaked. Maybe some of you know what I'm up to, but not all.

Lets just say the following things are involved:

-A muffin tin
-The number 24
-Lots of other goodies.

I'll update you when it comes closer to the time to be updated ha ha. Yay for good secrets.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Mini Update from Yesterday

First of all, thanks to those who commented. I love you girls and I left you little facebook comments cause its easier than these blog comment things on random entries. Secondly, today is a much better day. This morning started out crappy, I woke up late, was running behind to work (I like to get to the mall 20 minutes early, for parking reasons mostly), and was crabby. However, on my way to work (already running behind mind you) I got stuck waiting for a train which only agitated me more. I turned on my radio to crank up some country music when "Here" by Rascal Flatts is on.

Now my feelings I described in my last entry were mostly stemmed due to some baggage from a previous relationship. Then the chorus from the song hit me (and I know I've posted these lyrics before, but bear with me ha ha) and it says:

And I wouldn't change a thing
I'd walk right back through the rain
Back to every broken heart
On the day that it was breakin'
And I'd relive all the years
And be thankful for the tears
I've cried with every stumbled step
That led to you and got me here, right here

And it suddenly just cheered me up. Yes most of this song refers to Brian, but at the same time I wouldn't have gotten to know MANY of my friends had it not been for some awful things that happened to me. And I would relive my past to get to where I am today, to be able to live in this moment with all I have. Heck, parking was AWFUL at work and I was late and such but I wasn't cranky at all after that. I love little tiny things like a song on the radio that helps so much.

I also got to spend some quality time with Brian after I got off of work. We watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall, ate stuffed crust pizza from Pizza Hut, and just cuddled. It was amazing per usual and he made me feel so great about myself again.

To top it off, it was SNOWING! Like real snow storm as I drove home which made me super happy (and scared, my first time driving in the snow and all ha ha). Life surely is great!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Icky Feelings...

So I have no clue why, but the past few days I've had that "icky feeling" in my stomach all the time. Like its almost a cross between jealousy and that "somethings wrong I just know it" feeling I'm sure we've all had at one point in time or another. I have a vague idea what is causing it, but that's not really the important thing I suppose since it's nothing I can change and the feelings will pass eventually. I just wish they will pass soon because I'm really quite ready to be done with feeling this way.

At the same time, I feel constantly lately like life is just passing me by. Like I have always lived my life dwelling on the past or hoping for the future, and never living in the moment. I wish I knew how to just enjoy the moment, and don't get me wrong I do enjoy the things that I do. I enjoy the time I spend with Brian more than anything, and the same with spending time with my family, but I always feel like I've missed out. I drive past college campuses and I feel like I missed out on "college life" by going to school in a small town, and getting fixated on things like relationships while missing out on the times I could have had with friends. At the same time I have amazing memories of things I did with my friends, whether it was pedicures in my living room in rubbermade bins (thanks Emily!), silly things like the Night of the Rock (thanks Judy!), midnight wal-mart trips (thanks Cami!), or one of the million random things Lindsey would do with me (thanks Linds!), but I still feel like I didn't take advantage of my time in college. I can't go back and I can't change anything, but I still long to.

I guess time will make me learn to live my life in the present, and I have been doing better at it, especially when I hang out with Brian. Its the typical cheesey "I want this moment to last forever "that occurs, like when we're just watching TV and cuddling and I want time to stand still so that moment will last. Plus I'm still in awe how well he treats me, and how amazing he is, so that makes me step back and look at things too. I love him bunches! I still need to work on appreciating what I have now though because I don't want to look back on my entire life regretting not living it to the fullest. I think getting a real job would help, but that too will come in time.

OK so thats repetitve and random and rambling and probably incoherent, but hey it's my blog. In happy news...Brian and I have been working out and getting healthy together. We both joined the YMCA and worked out together on Tuesday morning, and then wednesday night Brian taught me how to play Racquetball. It was SO fun, and I want to play like every day! Then again he took it easy on me so once I keep getting creamed after my initial grace learning period is over I might not feel the same way.