Wednesday, January 5, 2011

5 months!

This post is extremely random and pointless, but I was sitting here and realized that tomorrow (in 6 minutes actually) is my 5 month-a-versary with Devon. We decided to count the day that we both told each other we still loved the other person as the day we got back together, even though it wasn't really "official" until September when he came out here. I seriously can't believe it's been 5 months! Time has flown and it has been amazing, but it's also hard to be so far apart. Right now as I type this Devon is driving across the country from Utah, to Mississippi to spend a week with his brother, and then onto law school in Charlotte. He starts on the 26th! It's 1600 miles from here to Cedar City, UT, whereas it's only 900 miles from here to Charlotte. Definitely a major improvement, but still not quite close enough.

I do get to go to Charlotte in less than a month, and I have never been there before! Everyone I talk to LOVES it, so I'm definitely excited for the trip. I'm also excited because that's the weekend of not only our 6 month-a-versary but also the Super Bowl! The funny thing is that our first date waaaaay back in 2005 was watching the Super Bowl! It's weird how things come full circle!