Tuesday, August 31, 2010


more days...

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Heres a rundown of my life...

-I spend my days folding and selling jeans due to back to school. I kind of like it.

-I hate the word jeggings, it sounds so stupid, but I sell lots of jeggings (try them, you'll love them, for reals ha ha, it's like wearing sweatpants all day...though I personally am not skinny enough to actually buy a pair. My co-workers swear by them).

-I'm single. And ok with this.

-I have the best co-workers ever.

-in the last week i've eaten at Olive Garden twice (never ending pasta bowls, need I say more?).

-I'm having a visitor from Utah in 25 days.

-I love visitors from Utah. Sadly, I've only ever had 2 (but they were Corrys, who doesn't love when a Corry comes to visit you. I heart you Lindsey and Steve!).

-I gave up Starbucks...serious withdrawals. Thank goodness for shaken passion tea lemonades (and I swear to God if it turns out these aren't "friendly" I'll cry).

-This is vague, I know, if you want details then you'll just have to chat with me sometime on FB or the phone.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I never post. Mostly because I have nothing new to say.

I have had some fantastic adventures lately, which maybe I'll get around to posting.

My brain has been mushy lately.

Let's just say it's hard to think one way about something for 3+ years, only to learn that nothing is as you thought it was.

I'm spent emotionally.

So once I'm emotionally un-spent I'll post something more productive than this nonsense.