Friday, November 19, 2010

Utah trip 2010 recap!!!!

Holy moly, I've been back from Utah for practically a whole week now and I still have yet to blog about it. Here it is, in all it's wonderment, the Utah trip recap (with lots of pics!):

Day 1, Tuesday

I finally got into St. George from Vegas at around 4:30. I was greeted by Devon and we drove up to Cedar! I love that drive, I don't know why but it's so my favorite drive. The very first thing we did when we got to Cedar was go straight to the music store to see my BFF/partner in crime Cami. I seriously think that she's my soul sister ha ha. I love that girl! Then we went to Bulloch Drug to get some chocolate covered cinnamon bears (2 pounds, there's still a few left, but not many. I share them with everyone, including the delivery guys at my work and the computer tech, no one appreciates them as much as I do). Finally it was time to meet up with some of my favorite Cedar people for dinner at the ever amazing Pizza Factory. We convinced the waitress to take our picture, and it was a little weird to see how grown up we all look. See for yourself:

That night Cami and I stayed up until like 3 watching our old HOPE Choir shows. It was so much fun seeing us all back in our younger/crazier/dramatic days. I kind of miss those days (kinda).

Day 2, Wednesday

On Wednesday Devon and I headed for Centralish Utah. It was so much fun to drive that stretch of road again, Utah is just so pretty. On the way it started to SNOW!!! I love snow!!! It hasn't snowed yet here in Wisconsin PERIOD. I was so excited that I took pictures of it out the window (I mean who cares that semis couldn't make it through the canyons by Cove Fort and what not, we made it just fine!)

Here I am excited about the snow:

Heres Devon not so excited about driving in the snow:

Our first stop was in Gunnison to say hi to Quinn (Devon's old boss whom I met when we dated the first time in 2005) and his brother Shelby (whom I never met the first time we dated because he was on his mission to Brazil), Shelby's wife Alice, and son Charlie. I was told it's very important to make a good impression upon Charlie because he won't change his mind about you. I did what any grown-up would do in this situation and bribed him with candy. It totally worked. I know, I'm going to be an awesome parent some day.

After visiting for a bit we went to Manti and had lunch with two of Devon's former co-workers. They were hilarious, I liked them a lot, and they told Devon to marry me because I'm normal. Sweet. I'm glad someone thinks I'm normal.

We then headed to Devon's mom's house in Oak City to hang out for the night with her as well as Shelby, Alice, and Charlie. I even got to go to the great metropolis of Delta! Oh how I missed Delta. I mean any place that's in the Guiness Book of World Records for the worlds largest bunny hop is definitely a place to go. That night we cooked dinner and hung out. I even learned how to properly build with Lincoln Logs, something I apparently was doing wrong all these years (yes, it's possible...). At night Charlie wanted to cuddle with me (the candy bribe totally worked, and I found his missing truck) and Devon and we got this cute little picture out of it:

Day 3, Thursday!

Thursday was so much fun. We headed north to Salt Lake for a day of doing random things and dinner with our friends. Our first stop was a celebratory lunch because Devon found out that morning that HE GOT INTO LAW SCHOOL!!! I'm so proud of him! (He's since gotten into 3 more and just has to select one to go to) Our next stop was to an outlet mall that Devon (note, not me but Devon) wanted to go to for some shopping. Along the way I passed a cupcake store that I always hear about on the NieNie blog, the Sweet Tooth Fairy. Devon gladly obliged my request/demand to stop there and we got super yummy vanilla and chocolate cupcakes. I was so excited I even took a picture of mine :)

We then went to Temple Square for a few hours to do all the fun visitor center type things to do. I was kind of sad because I've never seen the lights at Temple Square at christmas time and they were just starting to put them up. Maybe someday I can see them.

We still had quite a bit of time to kill before going to dinner so we decided to head to the Gateway Mall. We walked past Build a Bear and Devon had the idea we should build each other a bear (seriously do you all see why I love this man and why he's perfect for me?). He then took it a step further and said we should build one that looks like us. I present to you Bob (Devon's look a like) and Fluffernutter (my look a like):

Don't you just love Bob's University of Utah t-shirt and Fluffernutter's furry purse. Bob roars if you press his foot, and Fluffernutter goes "I love you" really kind of creepy if you press hers. It was so much fun to do.

We then headed to Olive Garden to meet up with a bunch of our friends for dinner. It's so fun that our group of friends all kind of married within each other so we all get along so great. It was kind of weird though because before our dinner conversation would consist of really random and stupid things, and that night we started talking about 401k plans, insurance, and babies. I'm still not ready for the grown-up things in life like that. Here's a cute group shot we took of all of us!

Then Cameron was teaching Devon how to move his hips latin-ballroomy like and I had to get a pic of that too!

After dinner we went and saw Life as We Know It, which was really cute. The weird thing was when you buy tickets at Thanksgiving Point you have to select your seats like at a real play or musical. It was kind of weird, but I guess in some way it's a good idea.

Day 4, Friday

This was my last day in Utah, it was kind of sad. We headed back to Cedar and spent the afternoon playing games and doing our usual things. We used to play Phase 10, Skip-bo, and Racko all the time. Well Devon hasn't played with them since I left and we found this card in the deck that I don't even remember making (and here's a cute pick of us too being all cuddly):

It's true! I am way cooler! Not much has changed.

That night I had a girl's night with Cami and we stayed in a hotel as a treat. We had dinner at Brad's Food Hut, and played at wal-mart. While there we ran into a lot of old friends which was fun. We also played this random crane game in the wal-mart arcade and won a lot of random stuff including fake mustaches. Here's us with our 'staches:

Day 5, Saturday
Sadly this was the day I left. Devon drove me to Vegas and we stopped at the outlet to get some Christmas presents for Devon's family. I was sad to leave, but I really enjoyed my trip and seeing everyone again.

So there you go, there's my trip recap :)

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Here's a rundown of the things I have to get done in order to get to vacation:

Today: work 5-10

Friday: work 8-1 (no i'm not slacking on work hours, I've already worked 30 hours in 3 days, and I'm working 17 more in the next 3, yay for huge overtime check!). Then meeting with Tan about our adopt-a-family for Christmas for Aero, then Toy Story marathon.

Saturday: work 3-10

Sunday: First annual Aero 380 thanksgiving dinner! I'm making the turkey, the first time I'm ever making a turkey in my life. Hopefully we all survive to Monday to run our store.

Monday: pack, clean, work on my brother's wedding presents, etc.

Then vacation starts! Really I only need to make it through Saturday because Sunday and Monday are just fun days off anyway :)