Sunday, August 22, 2010

Heres a rundown of my life...

-I spend my days folding and selling jeans due to back to school. I kind of like it.

-I hate the word jeggings, it sounds so stupid, but I sell lots of jeggings (try them, you'll love them, for reals ha ha, it's like wearing sweatpants all day...though I personally am not skinny enough to actually buy a pair. My co-workers swear by them).

-I'm single. And ok with this.

-I have the best co-workers ever.

-in the last week i've eaten at Olive Garden twice (never ending pasta bowls, need I say more?).

-I'm having a visitor from Utah in 25 days.

-I love visitors from Utah. Sadly, I've only ever had 2 (but they were Corrys, who doesn't love when a Corry comes to visit you. I heart you Lindsey and Steve!).

-I gave up Starbucks...serious withdrawals. Thank goodness for shaken passion tea lemonades (and I swear to God if it turns out these aren't "friendly" I'll cry).

-This is vague, I know, if you want details then you'll just have to chat with me sometime on FB or the phone.

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