Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My goal shirt!

So I posted a while ago about a goal bikini I wanted to fit into, which hasn't really been the motivation I needed since I won't get to wear it for a long time and even then only once or twice. So I decided to get a goal shirt to wear by the time Lindsey and Steve get here in August. Not that they care what I wear, but it's an 8 week or so goal, and I like smaller goals I've realized.

Here is the cute shirt I'm going to go buy tomorrow that I want to fit into. And for once it's not from the Gap because if I spend 9 dollars on a shirt like they usually cost after my discount it's not motivation because I always think "hey it was only 9 dollars, who cares if I don't fit into it".

Hopefully I can do it! I'm totally motivated after feeling like crap the past few days (which is weird cause I actually ate pretty healthy). I have made this same post 500 times over the past year, but hopefully this is the last time I have to make it ha ha.


Wila (aka Ali) said...

Super cute shirt! I think you can do it. Thanks for the reassurance...today has been a little "less blah" than yesterday. hopefully the upward pattern continues all around! :-)

Judy said...

That is a way cute shirt.

Lindsey said...

1- I love the shirt!
2- I can't wait to see you in the shirt!
3- I am honored to be part of your motivation. :) Especially after I just ate a mountain of oreos with my milk. After eating several Red Vines... yes. Healthy Lindsey... :D
Can't wait to see you!!