Friday, June 5, 2009

A Million Stolen Bases

Tonight was the first really warm night in almost a month or so (it was 75, still not June weather, but considering last year the whole state was flooded, I'll take the cooler weather over that) and I really wanted to do something outside. A cool thing that happens in our area is a lot of churches throw festivals to raise money for their parishes. The biggest one in the area happened this weekend, and Brian and I decided to go. Well after driving around for forever, and finally finding a spot, we got there, and left like 2 minutes later. The line for food was literally a good 100 people long and we were starving!

We decided to go down to Miller Park because at the Brewer's stadium is a TGI Fridays that is open all year round. We had yummy food, and after we were done we noticed that there was a little league game going on at Helfaer Field (the little league baseball park that is also on the Miller Park complex). So, seeing that we didn't have any other plans, we decided to watch a little league game since it's free. We had no clue where the teams were from but one team was the Lazers and the other was the Crusaders. They were teams made up of 5th graders, and it was a really great time. The Lazers played dirty though and they stole bases pretty much anytime any one of their players made it on base. A kid even stole home once, which I didn't even know was legal, but it is. In the end, my team (the Crusaders) lost 10-12, but it was a really really fun night. I even snapped a few pictures with my blackberry to share with y'all. Oh and I decided someday when I get married I want to have my reception at Helfaer field because then we can play baseball brides family vs. grooms family and inside the building that comprises the front of Helfaer field there is a room to like house the reception part in case of inclement weather! It's totally my plan, a big huge BBQ complete with hotdogs and sno-cones, and baseball cupcakes. Best wedding ever!

This is a classic self-portrait of Brian and me that I make him do wherever we go:

A picture of the building that makes up the front of the field:

And lastly, a picture of how cool the field looks with Miller Park behind it:

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Judy said...

Looks like fun, and that is a cool idea to have a baseball game for your reception.