Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Downgraded to a tankini...

So needless to say, the bikini I posted about months ago will definitely not be on my body in October for my Utah/Vegas trip. I haven't lost a single pound all summer, which totally bums me out. I have changed my eating habits majorly towards the healthy side (for the most part), so despite not losing any weight I do feel that I made some progress.

Seeing as I really dislike my old bathing suit (moreso because an ex-boyfriend picked it out for HOPE tour, which I never wore on HOPE tour) I really needed to find a new one. The ones that I found left in the stores around here were either really skanky, or really grandmaish. While I was up late one night I remembered how cute the swimsuits were at Christensens in Cedar City, and so I looked at a few websites and finally found a cute new tankini! It was a splurge at 70 dollars, but I found a 25% off coupon at (best site for online coupons!!!), so in the end I didn't feel too guilty about it. And since I know you're all curious now, this is my super cute new swimsuit!

It's black and white gingham with little red (or pink, I can't really tell) roses. It's also a halter top that ties in the back with a big bow, and I love that the straps are so thick. It's rouched on the sides so I'm hoping that will make me look thinner ha ha, and I am super in love with it. Hopefully it will come soon, and hopefully it will fit! Thanks to Layers Clothing for making fun swimsuits, and for the picture that I used for this post :)

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