Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow Day!

Today we had a very snowy day here in Wisconsin. It has been snowing non stop and as of 10 p.m. we had 14" and it is expected to snow throughout the night. I had a most excellent snow day with Brian! He had two court hearings 3 hours apart at the courthouse that isn't too far from my house. His office is about 40 minutes away so it didn't really make sense for him to drive back and forth, especially in this weather. He came over for lunch and I made a really yummy spicy chicken macaroni dish (I love exercising my somewhat decent domestic skills for him).

The plan was he'd come back after his last hearing to come get me (I'm still petrified of driving in the snow from last years icy hill debacle) and take me to work since the mall I work at is like down the street from his office. Well we were driving to the mall when I got a call saying the mall was closing due to the snow and I didn't have to work! Yes! The mall NEVER closes early, I mean seriously every school and business known to man will be shut down but not the mall, so this was a great treat. We spent the rest of the day playing Super Mario Bros. Wii, went to Chili's for dinner, and then watched a few Criminal Minds episodes. It seriously was such a fun day, and it felt like we were playing hooky even though we really weren't. My one wish was that the snow wasn't the dry powdery kind because I really wanted to make a snowman, but alas it wasn't snowman building snow.

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