Saturday, February 20, 2010

Dear Mayfair Mall/Wisconsin/Utah

Free Pretzel day at Aunt Anne's

combined with a board breaking competition for the kiddos

combined with the fact it was a Saturday

equals one very not so happy Baby Gap employee.

Seriously this is about how I felt when 5 o'clock rolled around: (cept buried in baby and kid's clothes, and not so skinny)

Oh and our main register was broken and un-fixable til monday, but Mayfair Mall that's not your fault.

At least I got to go to PF Changs afterward and have dinner with Brian and his family :)

But seriously Mayfair you need to get your act together, or pay to have a mall cop patrolling my store 24/7 to catch all the freaking shady shoplifters we have to follow and baby-sit on days like today(which is totally against Gap policy but a girl can dream right).

the leader on duty from 10-6 today

Dear Wisconsin,

6-10 more inches of snow tomorrow eh? Ok let's make a deal, I'll be happy with that as long as you keep your flakes to yourself til 7:30 pm CST. Unless you're sending me these snowflakes:

These are the Utah commercial snowflakes...go to youtube and find the commercials if you don't know what I'm talking about. Then I'd be happy because I'm sure they magically could get me to Utah somehow so I could spend time with my bff's there and eat some fry sauce...and in-and-out, and shop at DownEast, and go to St. George where it's warm, and see a mountain or two, and see a polygamist (because Big Love makes me miss the polygs so much).


Your resident for 19 years

PS sorry I escaped for those 5 years and moved to Utah, but you'll forgive me by holding out your snow til 7:30 right? right? ok.

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