Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Cure for the Blahs!

I have been over the top blah and down for exactly a week. Not for any real reason except I just am blah and down and BORED out of my freaking mind. I've stated before that I'm totally one for surprises and randomness, and it's hard to plan randomness for yourself because then it's not really's planned. My days have been exactly the same for a week: I wake up, get ready, work some days, days I don't work I browse the internet for jobs, apply for jobs, get rejected for jobs, look at my lack of finances, work out at some point in the day, diet and crave food, and then go to bed bored and down.

So today I woke up said "screw it, today is my day" and I'm spending it doing these things:

-Watching every chick flick I own starting with Enchanted (because really who doesn't like to dance and sing along to "That's How You Know" and then wish they could go to a ball like that), then Serendipity, Sydney White, and whatever else I feel like. Oh and I'm redboxing Fireproof.

-Making brownies and eating as many as I feel will successfully sabotage my weightloss efforts as of late.

-Getting Chicken McNuggets and a coke to make sure those efforts are fully sabotaged

-Wearing sweatpants and a tank top all day and not getting ready (minus the fact I already showered).

-Eating pizza for dinner just in case my diet sabotage efforts were not successful with the brownies and nuggets.

-Playing yahoo backgammon as much as I want (yup I'm a nerd, I love backgammon but no one will play with me in real life).

-Online shopping...for something...I'm not sure what, I just have the urge to splurge.

Now if I wasn't in wisconsin where the weather will never get above 40 degrees for another 5 months, I would spend it outside enjoying the sunshine and shopping...but this will have to suffice for now.


Judy said...

I love backgammon too! When you come back to Utah we can play it together. It is one of my favorite games.

StaceyBeth said...

Dang I wish I would have known that when I was in Utah! How did I never know that with all the games we played (and invented, remember "I win!"? when we couldn't remember the real rules of whatever we were trying to play.)

But yes we will have to play backgammon when I come visit :)

Mikelle and Ben said...

I always have days that I just want to watch chick flicks and eat brownies all day! And now you've introduced me to a whole new idea of getting chicken nuggets! In fact, those sound really good right now...:)