Sunday, March 29, 2009

Some exciting news!

I wasn't able to post about this really until it became official today, but I am now a manager at the store I work at. Our store has 5 management positions and there was an opening for a while, so now I'm responsible of Brand and Visualization stuff. I'm pretty excited, and extra excited for the pay raise ha ha. I've known that the position might be mine for like 3 weeks now, but it just became official as of today. If it was full time it would be perfect, for now I'm still part time though.

It kind of scares me though to think that retail really might be my career, but I'm just extremely grateful for having any job at this point in time. Plus it's nice to finally be making more than I did before college. I'm nervous as to how much I'm actually going to screw up in this position but hey I guess everything is a learning experience right? I am extremely grateful for Brian though. He has supported me through the ups and downs of this whole experience thusfar, and I know that without him I would be so lost. He gets two thumbs up from me :)

Oh and watching Big Love (illegally ha ha, I missed most of season 3 so I've found it online) and nothing else for a week definitely was enjoyable. Possibly because of the awesome quotes from that show such as "Life is too short to live on white bread and green jell-o" or "I'm so bleepity bleepity tired of this" (yes bleepity was really used, it is Utah afterall). It also could be the fact that our new Menards totally is exactly like Home Plus, or that I had a customer with the name Barb Hendrickson, or all of the above. However, because I learned that the girl who does the voice of Lilo in Lilo and Stitch is also the child bride of the prophet of the polygamists, I now see Lilo as a polygamist too ha ha.

Anyway, I got off track. I wanted to share a list that I've been compiling for a while and I finally have 10 things on it to share. So far this is what wisdom (ok or bitching I need to do) I have to share that I have learned from my time as a sales associate:

1.) It is not a sales associates job to clean up after your child. If you're going to feed them crap while shopping it is your responsiblity to clean it up when they spill it all over the floor.

2.)Do not let your kids ruin the toys that a store is selling. If you give your kid a book that we're selling to occupy them while you shop (aka your lack of paying attention to your kid who is screaming their head off and making other customers mad), you should buy it if your darling angel decides to chew on it. I don't care if you can't afford a 20 dollar book k thanks. This goes for stuffed animals and anything else really.

3.) I am never having children...ever. Seriously, what the hell was I thinking when I said I wanted 4 or 5? I think the best form of birth control for any teenager should be having to work at a baby store so they can see how psycho kids can be. I'm getting a golden retriever or a chocolate lab, naming him Tucker, or Utah (cute dog name right? Ute for short of course), and that's it. If I could get my tubes tied now I would. Occasionally you can catch me on a good day filled with decent kids and I might say I want one. Brian rejoices in the days I say I want zero though ;) (I love you babe!).

4.) Note, letting your kid play in clothes racks where they pull things off the hangers is not good parenting. Also, who ever said it was a good idea to let a baby gnaw on a metal and wood hanger? Parenting at it's finest right there I tell you.

5.) Shoplifting in front of your child is also not good parenting.

6.) Sales associates are not idiots. When we tell you that your returning of something that you used rewards points on results in the points being credited back to your account, you don't have to "hope it will happen" nor will asking me "are you sure?" get you bonus points. I'm telling you it will happen. You just go back to your crappy parenting of your kid who is chewing on a hanger.

7.) When potty training a child, if they choose to pee all over the seat/floor/whatever that isn't the actual toilet, clean it up yourself. If you're going to potty train them and take them in public, do the stores a common courtesy. We really don't have time in our busy day to clean up after every kid. Soap and water is standard in every bathroom to clean with and I'll disinfect later for you.

8.) Us being out of gift boxes is not the end of the world, nor is it grounds to call customer service on me. Seriously, my company is the one who said to not give out anymore boxes so complaining to them about me isn't going to get you anywhere sweetie, nor does threatening to call customer service on me actually scare me into magically building you a box out of thin air.

9.) A lot of my co-workers are awesome. Seriously they make the awful days bearable with their sarcasm and wit.

10.) Let's talk about kids clothing sizes for a second:
a.) just because your kid is long and skinny it isn't grounds to say that baby/toddler clothes are "made for fat kids whose parents are obese".
b.)Just because your kid is 5, weighs probably as much as I do, doesn't mean that you can yell at me because you can't find pants for your daughter who is traumatizing our other shoppers. If she's 5 and wearing a size XXL in kids (size 14-16) you have bigger issues than pants that are too long.
c.) NO I magically cannot tell you how much a baby will weigh in x amount of months, nor can I successfully predict what size they will be wearing. Also, if you don't really value my opinion and will go against what I suggest no matter what, don't waste my time by asking.

That really is my venting for now, I do love my job, but sometimes I just need to vent about it ha ha. Especially cause I can't vent to the customers about their stupidity.


Jenna Marie said...

Congrats about the job! That's awesome! Also- I was reading your post below... haha... whoever that "baby-daddy" was was pretty insanely stupid if he believed that... haha... Funny though... Hope you have a good day... :)

The Robinson Family said...

That is cool that you are going to be a manager now. Kids aren't all that bad, but I have found that taking James to the store is not a good idea. I think he acts his worst when we are at the store.

Mikelle and Ben said...

Ha ha! I love hearing stories about shoppers! Some people can be so mean and annoying! And I can only imagine what it's like at a store like yours! I feel for you! But congratulations for your new managing position! That's awesome!

Lindsey said...

Yay manager Stacey!
You're awesome!

Bill and Emily Grant said...

Congratulations!!!!!! I am so happy for you! This blog gave me a good chuckle about the crazy parents/shoppers that are out there! Too funny!

P.S. The word verification for this post is "biogermo" ... I just think it is funny when the word verifications could possibly be interpreted as a kind of word. What would biogermo mean? :)