Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Finish the sentence.

I have been wanting to update my blog for a while, but nothing really has happened lately, so I thought I'd do a survey since I can't sleep.

1. I've come to realize that i laughed last....when someone from Cedar told me that someone who is knocked up told her "baby's daddy" that because she has a certain condition sperm can live inside of her for a month or so (mind you average lifespan of sperm is 48 hours, give or take some time depending on fertility) before fertilizing an egg. Basically the due dates of when said person and the baby's daddy last had sex and the baby's due date don't match up (by almost 6 weeks). AKA someones been a little slutty!! I laughed so hard. And yet I still laugh every time I think of it. Yeah I'm a bitch sometimes ha ha.

2. I am listening to....the Big Love episode I'm currently watching.

3. I talk...more than I should sometimes. It seems I never know when to stop lately :)

4. I love...the fact that it might just be spring in Wisconsin.

5. My best friend(s)...are in two places very far away from each other.

6. My first real kiss....was in a car. How boring.

7. Love is....more than I can give to you, Love is more than just a game for two. Two in love can make it...and so on and so forth ha ha.

8. Marriage is....something that won't happen for me for a while.

9. Somewhere, someone is thinking...of me, and loving me tonight. Somewhere out there, someones saying a prayer, that we'll find one another, somewhere out there, out where dreams come true. You have to love American Tale.

10. I always....will consider Utah my second home.

11. The last time I really cried was because...I had a really awful day today. I cried the entire time I was driving home. Today was full of self-loathing, stupid actions, and gossip that wasn't so friendly in my direction.

12. My cell a piece of crap.

14. When I go to sleep...I stay up for hours after i try to sleep, worrying about everything.

15. Right now....I am watching Big Love, filling out this survey, eating a Reece's Peanut Butter Egg, and drinking a Pibb Zero.

16. Babies are...something I used to want. I wanted 4 kids, then I got a job at the Baby Gap, and instead of having kids I'm going to get a golden retriever.

17. I get annoyed when...I let myself down.

18. Today I... took my car in to get fixed. The tail light kept filling with water and had to be reassembled.

19. Tomorrow I.....will work from 10-2, then maybe get coffee with a friend from high school who is in town. If I don't get coffee with her I'm going to spend the night watching Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice.

20. I really want to be...debt free. Stupid student loans.

21. Words to live by...."Ask your mom" (best fortune cookie fortune ever. Short and sweet and so true).

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Judy said...

I'm glad you posted something again. It seems like no one has been up dating their blogs lately (myself included) so I was excited that I finally had a blog to read. :)