Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Baseball is Dangerous!

So at about 6:11 pm this evening I get a phone call from the loverly boyfriend I have. It took me off guard because I was just texting him and he was texting me back, but I answer it. As it turned out, his Aunt and Uncle had two extra tickets to tonights Brewers game. (PS Heidi, to answer your last comment, I am a HUGE baseball/football fan. I grew up watching the Brewers and the Packers!) Well, the game started at 7, I live at least 30 minutes from the stadium on a good traffic day, on game days, it could take upwards of an hour and fifteen minutes, so it was going to take a lot of speediness to get there on time.

We did indeed miss the first inning and a half, but the seats we had were amazing! There are 4 levels to Miller Park, and we were in the second row of the second level just to the left of home plate. We were so close you could totally see like the players faces and what not. In fact, here is a picture I took with my blackberry cause we had such a great view:

Well Brian and I were tossing around the idea that we totally could catch a foul ball and I was talking all tough how I'd be able to grab it. Needless to say, Craig Counsell hit a foul ball and it was coming right to us. What did I do? I totally ducked! Luckily for me, Brian tried to catch the ball and sadly it bounced off of his hand and into a few rows behind us. Had he not done that, I totally would have gotten nailed in the head. I'm so very grateful he saved me, yet again. I felt bad though cause not only did we not get the ball, but his hand was slightly swollen and bruised!

In true Brewer fashion they lost 8-1 to the Cardinals :( but at least we had a good time!


Mikelle and Ben said...

That's funny! It's ironic that you would have been talking about catching a foul! Honestly, what are the odds that it would fly right to you? :)

Bill and Emily Grant said...

How fun! Too bad about the baseball! It's funny that you had been talking about it happening right before it did!

P.S. I love reading your blog and would probably comment more often, but I am usually holding a little one and checking things on the computer with one hand... it gets a little difficult! :) but, just know I love ya!