Thursday, May 21, 2009

Well it's been a while...

It's been forever since I posted because I haven't had a lot to say. Mostly I've just been working and spending time doing fun things with Brian. I did apply to Mount Mary College to start school again in the fall to take the courses I need to get my bachelor of dietetics (because really the two bachelor degrees I do have aren't doing much for me ha ha), which means I can take the RD exam and become a Registered Dietitian. I hope I get into the program, if not well I'll figure something else out school wise.

I joined the biggest loser club online, and so far I've lost like 3 pounds. Only like 38 more to go! My goal is to lose 10 by June 13th so I can wear a cute dress to a wedding I'm going to, so I hope i can make it! I also gave up caffeine and soda (not for good but I was drinking too much caffeinated soda so I decided to go cold turkey for a few weeks and then have it occasionally, but definitely not every day). I haven't had any caffeine for 4 days ha ha, which is pretty dang good for me.

Other than that Brian and I have been having lots of fun doing lots of random things! We've gotten to go to a few Brewers games, and I have a few pictures from them I thought I would post.

This first one is of Mike (Brian's best friend), Brian, and myself at the Brewers vs. Cubs game. It was a fun game complete with a power outage and lots of home runs. They won like 9 to 6.

This second one is from the first game we went to, and I can't remember who they played, but they sure did lose that game.

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Judy said...

sounds like you've been having fun. That is cool that you're gonna get your 3rd bachelor's degree.