Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Go Gap!

So way back in Sept. of 2008 I was looking for a part-time job to keep me occupied while looking for a real grown up job. I decided to stick with what I knew, which was retail, but I didn't want to just work for any company. I did some research and really wanted to work at the Gap because they are a company that encourages social responsibility. They fulfill this through donating proceeds to charity through their friends and family sale (5% of proceeds that weekend go to charity, they do it 3 times a year, and so far 9 million dollars has been donated to various charities since they started this program), encouraging stores to participate in charity events, matching the charitable donations of employees (if I were to personally donate 25 bucks to like the children's hospital they would match it), and helping improve the lives of the people who work in the factories over seas.

The 5-14 of March, Gap is doing a denim drive in every store. If you bring in old denim (of any brand) to the store you can get 30% off of your purchase of new denim! The cool thing is they're going to recycle the old denim and turn it into eco-friendly insulation for new houses! Isn't that the coolest idea? I love working for a company that is making strides to make the world a little bit better. I seriously love my job!

Our friends and family sale is the 18-21 of March and once again my charity of choice for the proceeds is Feeding America. Feeding America helps stock food bands and provide food the underprivelaged people across the US. If you want a coupon (even if you're a blog stalker who never comments on my blog or someone I don't know!) leave your e-mail in a comment (or e-mail me at staceyjuntunen at gmail . com). The coupon is good at Gap/Gap Kids/Baby Gap/Gap Maternity/Outlet, Banana Republic/Outlet, Old Navy, and It's a great way to score some great deals and help others at the same time!


*Amy * said...

I randomly saw your blog and shop at the Gap all the time. I would love a coupon. Thank you!

Natster said...

hey sweet girl. I got your comment on facebook and I would love another coupon. you're soooooo good to me. I think I need some new jeans in fact. Yay for Gap!