Monday, October 4, 2010


Apparently when I have nothing to really write in my blog but I'm in the mood to blog I just post countdown updates.

In case you all cared as much as I do, only 33 more days until I get to be in Utah again! Who is up for a visitor??? ;)

Seriously, do you know how hard it is to have your boyfriend and best friends 1500 miles away? And I get a serious case of jealousy when I think of how they can see each other every day if they wanted and I don't get to see either unless an airplane or 26 hours of driving is involved. Jerks! J/k...but seriously it's not fair. Why is Utah so far away from everything anyway? I mean really it should be like, hmm, Nebraska, pretty much dead center of the country. I know Judy at least will agree with me on this on some level :)

33 days!


Judy said...

haha, yeah I totally agree! I definitely wish it was a lot closer to New York!
PS. I'm way jealous that you get to go visit. If I had a countdown it would be more like 880. So sad.

Bill and Emily Grant said...

Trips to Utah are always a good thing! Let me know if you make it up toward the northerner part! It would be fun to meet up and go to dinner or lunch or somehing!