Wednesday, October 27, 2010

These Boots are made for walkin...

So that's just what they're gonna do. Ok well, not really, I mean I will walk in them but not in the way the song means.

I worked 68 hours in 8 days at work, with no day off in those 8 days. My boss got married last weekend, which is great :) , it just meant I was basically left in charge of our store. We actually had a pretty good weekend so I decided I would get a treat.

You can bet when I got off of work yesterday and saw that the boots I've been DYING to have for months were on sale at I bought them. They were $190 originally, on sale for $150, I had $40 in gap card rewards certificates, a 15% off coupon on top of that, and there's always free shipping. I got my boots for $90 and because it was piperlime's birthday I also got a free $25.00 gift certificate. I guess then that means my boots came to $60 (kinda, I mean the gift certificate is for a future purchase but hey free money for me!).

Why am I blogging about boots? Because I'm too lazy to write a post about what's going on in my life, and I also made a goal to blog once a week. I made that goal exactly a week ago so this is the post that you get this week.

Oh and 13 more days until I get to go to Utah, see my amazing boyfriend, my super amazing best friend Camithala, and maybe with some bribing and the agreement to meet in like Provo I can see the super amazing Grant and Corry families (hint hint...Emily and Lindsey)

Oh and here's my super cute new boots:


Bill and Emily Grant said...

Your boots are super cute! We could totally meet up with you in Provo! We girls could come in the day and eat/shop, or we could come in the evening and go to the dinner or something. Just give me a call and let me know :) 801-419-2252 (its the same... but just in case) Oh... and I'm glad you are going to blog every week... I need to do the same :)

Ashley said...

If you make it to Provo/SLC, maybe I can swing down to see you... Let me know!! :)

Heidi said...

Love those boots!

Lindsey said...

What kind of bribes are we talking... :) Just kidding... we totally want to come see you! Saturday would probably be best for us, otherwise we could only see you for a wee bit what with all the class/school/driving/etc. :)

Judy said...

Too bad we won't be back in Cedar for another month then we could see you too!