Thursday, February 12, 2009

My room is finally finished!

I have been looking for something to go on the wall that my bed is parallel to since May, but I haven't wanted to put anything heavy up because stuff always falls off of that wall. It shakes when doors are opened in my house for whatever random reason. Then I came up with the idea to put vinyl lettering up but I could never find a phrase that I was entirely happy with, or if I found one I liked it would be black and red which would clash with my whole brown and pink and cream theme.

Then yesterday my mom and I went to Kohls and I found the perfect vinyl lettering phrase basically by accident. In addition, it was the perfect colors! It was brown and metallic gold and says "Everyday holds a possibility of a miracle". I love it, and I just had to share how cute it is. Sorry it's not the best picture, but the metallic gold reflects off of the light so I had to be creative. And it looks like the gold part is two different shades, but its all metallicy, it's just the light reflection.


Jenna Marie said...

Way cute! I want to put up some vinyl on my walls too... but just haven't gotten around to it... I love this saying!

Judy said...

That is way cute!! I want to do that in our house, but since we are in an apartment I don't want to put it up, then just have to take it down when we move again.