Monday, February 2, 2009

Perhaps I watch too much Law and Order....

So last Thursday night when Brian returned home from hanging out with me (I was scared to be home alone and everyone was out of town for the funeral) there was a Jeep parked on his street running. At 9 am the next morning the Jeep was still running, so Brian went to make sure no one was dead in the back. Well there was someone in there, but they were very much alive and just sleeping. Creepy right?

Well then Friday night when Brian got home the jeep also was there...still running...still creepy...

So Saturday rolls around and I go over to Brian's house to get ice cream and play wii. I turned onto his street and as soon as I did this Jeep sped into a driveway, but the car never turned off. Brian told me that was the Jeep he kept seeing, and we ran off to get ice cream. When we drove back onto his street from Molly Moo Cow's ice cream, the Jeep sped off again! It was seriously creepy, and it was creepy enough for Brian to call the cops.

This is where it gets juicy. So he calls the cops and they said they were going to send out a squad car to investigate. Sadly, there was a big pine tree blocking our view of the Jeep from any given window in Brian's house. We then decided to take advantage of the warm weather (ok it was like 35 but that was a freaking tropical heat wave compared to what it had been) and sit on his porch. I felt just like an agent on Law and Order waiting for the rapist/murderer/whatever. Sure enough a cop car comes up (no sirens though, lame) and the Jeep speeds into the same driveway and the cop drives by. The guy then gets out of his car, and I'm thinking he can see us and I'm going to get shot and killed, but he went into the house and the cops drive by again and eventully park on the end of the street.

We decide to go on a walk and coincidentally walk by the cops, who inform us that the kid's parents live in that house and they basically banned him from living there. Brian's mom heard rumors that they're all druggies of some sort, and my guess is the kid did drugs hardcore.

What was creepier, is when i left Brian's house at midnight the kid's Jeep was parked on the end of their driveway running yet again. I was afraid for my car's and my own safety, but Brian walked me out to my car and all was well and safe.

I want to be a CSI agent now ha was very exciting.

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