Monday, April 6, 2009


To start off, those of you who have an itouch or an iphone you seriously should download the Lose It! application if you're into the whole food tracking thing. It's a food journal, but it has like every food you could ever want in the database, plus adds a cute little graphic of the food to make everything look fun. There also is a database of nutritional contents for restaurants as well. You type in your height, weight, goals, etc and it calculates your calorie need per day as you lose weight, plus it also creates graphs of your goals. I am addicted to it!!

Moving on, so Saturday I decided I don't want to look back on my life and regret anything. I don't want to wonder where time went, I don't want to feel like life passed me by. I have come to this conclusion many times, but this is the first time I have actually felt a huge huge desire to take action on it. I'm letting go of regrets, letting go of jealousy, and focusing on what I have and being happy with it. Also, I'm going to get into shape (ok that's the 15,000 time I've pledged that, I realize this ha ha) because it will add so much to my life. Plus, Brian and I are going to Las Vegas (and Utah!!!!!!!!) in October and I want to be able to wear a cute swimsuit without feeling icky, and I want to turn heads (yup, I'm so vain, and yes I think that song is about me).

Speaking of songs (nice transition eh?) I downloaded the new Rascal Flatts song an hour or so ago from Itunes, and their new song "Unstoppable" pretty much sums up all of the feelings I have in words better than I could ever say, so here are the lyrics:

So, so you made a lot of mistakes
Walked down the road a little
Cracked a brick when you
Hit the wall
Yeah, you've had a pocketful
Of regrets
Pulled you down faster than
A sunset
Hey it happens to us all
When the cold, hard rain just won't quit
And you can't see your way
Out of it

You find your faith
That's been lost and shaken
You take back what's been taken
Get on your knees and dig
Down deep
You can do what you
Think is impossible
Keep on believing, don't give in
It'll come and make you
Whole again
It always will, it always does
Love is unstoppable

Love, it can weather any storm
Bring you back to being born, again
Oh, it's the helping hand
When you needed it most
The lighthouse shining on
The coast
That never goes dim
When your heart is full of doubt
And you think that there's no way out

It's unstoppable
Like a river keeps on rollin'
Like a north wind blowin'
Don't it feel good knowin'
Love is unstoppable
So, so you make a lot of mistakes

-Rascal Flatts, "Unstoppable"

I think part of what I love most about this song is that, well to me anyway, it is saying how love is the driving force behind all of this. I know Brian is a huge reason why I want to make these changes, and he is such a support, and seriously pushes me (in a good way) to be a better person.

Oh and those of you who have noticed my weight loss thing on the side, no I didn't gain 15 pounds ha ha I just adjusted my goal weight to have a buffer...and I gained 5 pounds ;)

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Lindsey said...

First, I love your background!
Second, Utah... in October! Wahoola! We'll be in Logan, but you give me dates and a city and I'll do everything I can to find you! :D
Third, I was looking through the cupcake book you gave me today, and realizing that I miss making cupcakes with you.