Sunday, April 19, 2009

All you need is faith, and trust...

So my life lately has been quite worrisome. My mom hasn't been feeling well for about 2 weeks now, and it just keeps getting worse. It started out she got new glasses and the prescription wasn't working for her. She couldn't see out of them at all. She went back to a different Opthamologist and he said that it was slightly off, but not enough to cause that many problems. However, seeing that she has prisms, and bifocals, they decided to order new lenses to see if that would correct the problem.

In the meantime, my mom started having double vision, and she was driving around with one eye closed (if she uses her eyes seperately she sees normal out of the eye, but using both she sees double) and what not. She also experienced numbness down one side of her body, and she was having balance issues as well. Her primary physician told her to go to the ER immediately, and after a series of tests they ruled out a stroke, a brain tumor, and a heart attack. Three things that are extremely extremely great to rule out, but it still left a mystery as to why she was feeling ill.

She went to a neurologist and he has come to a few conclusions as to what is going on. Blood tests and a MRI will confirm and rule out the possiblities of what it could be. In the meantime, her situation hasn't really improved, and now her right eye is turning in (think in a lazy eye type of way) towards her nose. She does however have a black pirate patch to wear over the bad eye so she can see, and as a result she will randomly come by my room and go ARRRRRRRR! It's kind of fun having a pirate for a mom ;) Needless to say she's banned from driving and she's not allowed to use sharp knives in the kitchen.

The reason I write all of this is not for sympathy or pity, but for anyone who reads this to please please keep her in your prayers. I have no clue what I would do without my mom, and she really is the most amazing woman. She has brought my family through so many things, including helping me with a million problems whether it was a broken heart, a bad grade, or any other small problem. I go to her with EVERYTHING!! and I can't imagine going through life, getting married, having babies (or raising a puppy if I'm permanently going to be anti-having babies haha) without her there. So please, please, please keep her in your prayers that she can get healthy and better!

This is my mom and I at my graduation dinner at Rusty's Ranch House.

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