Sunday, April 19, 2009

Couples Survey

I am so not tired right now, even though I should be going to bed since I have to drive my mom to work in the super early morning. I had been tagged for this survey a while ago so I decided to do it, and let me just say it's about my favorite topic EVER, the hottie hot boyfriend Brian! I hope he doesn't mind me doing this, if he does, too bad! It's my blog after all :)

1.) Your names: Stacey Beth and Brian Christopher

2.) How long have you been together?: It will be 9 months on Thursday

3.) Are you married?: Uh that is a definite no, but that is totally fine :) I am having a BLAST dating him! It is so relaxing to date outside of Utah where there is no pressure to get married!!!

4.) What's the dumbest thing you've ever fought about?: Um...haha we've fought over bowling...actually that was probably our biggest "fight". Though it is a little more complex than just bowling.

5.) What was the first thing you bought for each other?: He bought me a smoothie, and I bought him a frosty a few days later.

6.) Where was your first date?: The coffee shop by my house that I still don't know the name of.

7.) What was the first movie you watched together?: Our second date was to the Dark Knight.

8.) Do you remember your first kiss?: Oh like I can forget this. Brian tried to kiss me on my doorstep after our second date, but me, being the ditzy girl I am, turned my head before I realized he was trying to kiss me. Don't worry, I made up for it the next day and kissed him while at his office :) However he'll never let me forget the fact I turned my head and he thought he ruined his chances with me.

9.) Who asked who out?: I can't remember, I think Brian asked me out though.

10.) Was it love at first sight?: I don't believe in love at first sight. Hello, it's called lust not love.

11.) Do you believe you are soul mates?: Yeah I do!

12.) When was the last time you saw each other?: Today, we went to Madison with his family to go out to lunch to celebrate his dad's birthday!

13.) Last time you talked on the phone?: This morning, I called to see if he had gotten his dad his gift from the both of us.

14.) Last time you talked on the net?: Like 2 hours ago, no we're not annoying and have to talk 24/7, it just worked out that way today.

15.) Your favorite memory?: Oh when he took me to Chicago for 3 days and we went to the Melting Pot for dinner. I loved walking through the streets of Chicago all dressed up at night, taking the subway, and eating such yummy food! I felt like I was in a movie and it was so romantic!

16.) Whats the sweetest thing youve ever done for each other?: Hmmm Brian has done so many sweet things (like taking me to the Kalahari, to Chicago, and what not)! I think another one that stands out to me was when he left a note on my car. It didn't really say much, but I think that was the moment I realized I loved him...and yes it was relatively early in our relationship and I didn't tell him I loved him til like 2 months later ha ha.

I made Brian a blanket, so I suppose thats probably the sweetest thing I've done for him :)

17.) When did you first say "I love you"?: We were in the Wisconsin Dells and it was late at night and I told Brian I loved him. It wasn't terribly romantic on my part though...

18.) What are your "pet names" for each other?: He calls me "babe" and I call him the same, or sweetie.

19.) do you think your significant other is the one?: Well...I suppose ;)

20.) How many times a day do you kiss?: Not nearly enough damnit! We're too busy running our own law office and/or being a slave/visual merchandise expert to the Baby Gap to see eachother every day, so when I do see him, we kiss a lot ;)

21.) Do you hold hands?: Yup, but it is kind of hard to do sitting down since his arms are extra long and mine are extra short.

22.) What's your favorite feature of your significant other?: well are we talking physical or not? Physical, well he has the greatest brown eyes ever, and non-physical? His desire to help people and how respectful he is towards me.

23.) How long do you think you'll be together?: Oh just one forever (inside joke)

24.) What's the longest you've ever been apart?: I think it was a week we went between seeing eachother. Which is sad if you consider we live 15 minutes apart. Like I said, life gets hectic.

25.) Have you ever broken up?: Not really, but we have been on the rocks for a few hours at a time.

26.) Would you like to have children together? If yes, how many?: ZERO! I am anti-having babies due to my job. However we will get at least a dog, and if I do change my mind, 2 kids at the most.

27.) What reminds you of your sweetie?: the creepy guy on SNL, the West Wing, anything Marquette, the Brewers, and Coca-cola.

28.) Do you have a special song?: Yup sure do, it's called "Space" by Sara Buxton, or our favorite hymn to sing during communion, "Come to the Table".

Have you ever...

29.) stayed out together 'til the sun came up?: Nope, I think our latest is like 3:00 am

30.) Skipped work just to be together?: Well he is his own boss, so technically it is not skipping work, but I have distracted him from what he should be doing.

31.) Stayed up all night watching movies together?: Uh how about asking if I've stayed awake during a single movie...I tend to fall asleep during them.

32.) Gone on vacation together?: Sure have! To the Kalahari, Wisconsin Dells, Chicago, and Vegas/Utah in October baby!

33.) Fell asleep in each others arms?: Yup, greatest thing EVER!

34.) Got caught daydreaming about each other?: stupid question...yes

35.) Stared at each other smiling?: Sappy but yes

36.) Say something disgustingly mooshy:
"I would take old dudes and kill 'em"
"kill 'em with kindness?"
"no, with an axe"
"Then I'd cut 'em up into pieces"
"then I'd grind 'em up in a meat grinder"
"Then I'd put 'em on bread and eat 'em"
"I guess you could say you had yourself a manwich?"

(this is from one of our favorite SNL clips ha ha, yes one of our mushy things is we watch SNL together on most Saturdays. You can watch the clip below)

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Mikelle and Ben said...

Ha ha! I watched that SNL skit! Hilarious! A little disturbing, but hilarious! :)