Monday, April 13, 2009

Oh yeah

Take this survey

I shampoo my hair first

2. Do you like yourself? Hell yes, I'm awesome. I mean I have a great family, a hottie hot boyfriend, I have a decent job, I'm not mooching off of the government, and I have a car...I mean I have a lot going for me right there. What more could I possibly want? Minus 40 pounds of me to go away ha ha.

Yes, I definitely would. In fact I want a kiss right now damn it...

Yes, but then usually when the time comes around to wear it, I change my mind.

Today, well today is a fat day in my world.

The printing on my Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper can.

I honestly have no clue...neither?

Last night I had a dream that Brian and I were in Utah and he fell in love with a girl I know from SUU who also happened to date one of my exes and then they got married and I was all alone.

Just customers I helped at work

I want a McChicken, fries, and an orange drink from McDonalds.

Not every day, I'd say 4-5 times a week. Some nights I fall asleep before I get around to it.

Habbage, which isn't a word, but there you go

Earlier tonight!

ME? Never! j/k

There's a taco song?

I'm sure I have

Lick it! Biting it is evil, like chewing on ice.

Not so much no, but today was a good hair day.

19. What color is your favorite hoodie? It is navy blue and from American Eagle

Sure have!

mmmm yummy yes!

Law and Order: SVU on TV

1, Canada

Not really, no. They never needed to be

Maybe...I lean more twoards no but you never know.

If he's paying, yes!

Only if he flung peas at me first.

Lots of jewelry!

Just Cinderella's. Though one night I slept next to the castle in...some southern utah town with the name of either Blanding, Moab, or Monticello

Maybe twice a month

I don't have math class, but I liked math class!

Yeah when I was little

Only the water squirty kind.

Seriously? This is a lame question, who can't?

No one, lonely, i'm so lonely, got no body for my own...


I don't think so

Sure have, took one from Milwaukee to New York, and the one at the Zoo!

Sure have, I am so in love right now actually.

yes but it's a piece of shit.


No, my lips are just naturally awesome

He has like 4 court appearances he has to make. Poor guy.

To stab you with? Yes!

YES!!! The ones at the Wisconsin State Fair rock! Oh man I can't wait for the State Fair, cream puffs, mozzerella sticks with ranch, sky glider (for an undeterminable amount of times), deep friend oreos, deep friends veggies, free BINGO!, the shammy guy, hot tubs, milk for 25 cents, and moo cows. Seriously, the WI state fair rocks.

Can't say that I have

What time my mom wanted me to drive her to work in the morning.

Rascal Flatts new CD Unstoppable

In regards to what? I prefer boys when it comes to who I want to get makey-outey with

Just the top layer, so annoying

This morning. I woke up at 3:45 and I had to work 9-6. I just wanted sleep and I couldn't fall back asleep and I got frustrated around like 5:30 and started to cry ha ha. I'm such a nerd.

Haha yes, like every day.

Yes, to a point.


Playfully, yes.



Nope not one bit...

Sure don't

Brian! It's amazing how well freakishly short arms go with freakishly long arms in order to make hand holding possible.

Not really, sometimes I'll fall asleep with it on but I always feel so unrested in the morning.

Dislike, oh yes.

yeah it's pretty amazing.

Never if I can avoid it. I"m not so much of a phone talker anymore


I bought a shirt today at the Gap...I need better coping mechanisms, and to save money for Las Vegas!

No, not at all

On Wii fit I'm the hula champ! In real life, not so much.

Forgive? Yes. Forget? no.

Sure do, I'm a Visual Merchandise Expert with the Gap


Brown gap workout pants, a yellow gap tank top, a grey american eagle hoodie, and red underthings...yeah zero things match on me right now ha ha.

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Mikelle and Ben said...

You really don't have to use chapstick? I'm so jealous. I'm addicted to it!