Sunday, June 8, 2008

Birthday and flood update!

So today the flood continues! When I woke up this morning my mom told me to check out the backyard, a river had formed weaving between our backyard and the houses behind us. I took a video so you could see and hopefully it will post ok :) so here it is. Oh and if you have your sound turned up don't let the train scare you ha ha we have trains in waukesha like no ones business

After dealing with the flooding of our basement, I got to open presents from my parents! I got Mario Party 8 for the Wii, a Willow Tree Statue, a certificate for a manicure and pedicure at the Aveda salon, a $25.00 Itunes gift card, $24.00 in cash (we always get our age in cash haha, one perk of growing older), and when I get a job my parents will buy me a weeks worth of new clothes, my mom said they were going to get me a variety of gift cards to "work clothes" type places but that they figured this way if I find a million things at one store it will be easier. My parents are so generous and loving!

So my mom and I decided after all this that we would go check out downtown Waukesha to see the flooding damage. Downtown has these great walkways that go right next to the Fox River, well I guess I should say it had great walkways...heres some picture evidence of our flood.

This first picture is of the walkway you used to be able to walk down to get to the walkway that went along the river, as you can see the water is not only completely over the walkways but its also halfway up the ramps (on the news tonight they said its entirely up the ramp)

This picture is just me and my daddy, I thought it was cute so I would post it :) You can see the water height too I suppose

Then you can see this next one is a bridge, as in water used to be under it with lots of space between the two but now the water is up to the bridge itself.

Apparently though now the water is over that bridge completely due to more heavy rains but sorry no picture for that.

Oh and I have pictures of my cute birthday cake :) My mom got it at a bakery here in town and it seriously was so yummy!!! Plus its polka dotted ha ha. Sorry I look so icky, I actually have been sick with swollen and infected tonsils since yesterday so by the time this picture was taken I was completely wiped out.

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Lacey said...

Nic pics. I took some as well. Apparently we all wanted to capture Waukesha as we've never seen it before....