Wednesday, June 18, 2008


So yesterday I went jean shopping because I need some new jeans and Express had $20.00 off all jeans. I was so excited because I fit in a size 10 and last time I went jean shopping there about 5 weeks ago I was a size 12. I know its only one pant size but i was still excited. That and I've fallen in love with a new store called Soma Intimates and they offered me a job just after shopping there. If it wasn't 35 minutes away I would consider working there, but it was still nice to know if I want to the lady said I could have a job any time.

I still haven't heard about the secretary job I applied for, and they said they would call either way. I guess no news is good news but I still really wish I knew what was going on. I would much rather know I didn't get it than sit around waiting.

Other than that my life consists of watching Grey's Anatomy courtesy of Bill buying me the second season on DVD for my birthday. I am so addicted to that show and I will be super sad when I run out of episodes, I'm half tempted to splurge and buy the 3rd season but I know I would regret it in the end. Bill's birthday is the 24th so I'm trying to think of something good to buy him, but I haven't thought of anything yet. I know one thing will be a diet coke case ha ha because he is addicted to diet coke, but I need something more than that. Ideas are welcome, but he's not the "craft" in he wouldn't like it if I made him a blanket or something along those lines.

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