Saturday, June 7, 2008

So, apparently I'm competitive...

Well those of you who know me well know that Devon and I used to play games...a lot before I moved back to Waukesha. Its essentially what our relationship was centered around to be completely honest because it was fun and its how we talked. Some of the best conversations of my life have been over a good game of phase 10 or Racko. I honestly thought this was a me and Devon thing, "our thing" if you will.

I also would play Risk with Jens, though we severely had to go at it light hearted because there were times we both would get so frustrated that it wasn't worth it to play. Then we realized the real rules of the game and it made things much better ha ha. Even so, I was slightly always a little angry when he beat me...which wasn't that often...sorry kid. Actually no, we were pretty even and I do believe he beat me more. Then I got the ultimate version of Life, and I would always trounce in that game but I thought it was because I'm awesome...which I am.

So I thought ok I'm not really the competitive type, I just would be competitive around Devon because thats just how things were...until I played:

Trivial Pursuit 90's edition with Bill. You see he and I have COMPLETELY different movie tastes, and he likes cartoons (I find it odd a person with a master's degree and who's favorite topic is politics and government would like said things) so agreeing on a movie is hard for us. We decided the winner of the game could pick the movie we watch next time. I lost the game by ONE pie piece, like it was such a close game. I seriously was so mad that I started to pout (in a cute way though, the kind that got me kisses). So because I was so mad I made the rule we had to play 2 out of 3 games to win the bet so we played another game and I totally won, yay me. Then we played the third game and I totally lost again by one pie piece because I was going for the wrong freaking color! I thought I needed the blue one but I really needed the orange one the whole was lame. I was so mad at myself for losing in such a stupid way!!!

Needless to say I had to watch 2 episodes (ok so it wasn't really a movie then) of this show:

Whats even more sad, is I actually enjoyed the two episodes that I had to watch. I wanted to win so badly though because I was going to make him sit through the worst chick flick EVER...the mormon version of Pride and Prejudice...though the more I think about it I realized that that would have been torture for me too ha ha.

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