Sunday, June 1, 2008

Letting Boys Win...

So today Bill and I decided to go mini-golfing at Prairie Parkway or whatever it is called. However, in our desire to enjoy the nice weather we grossly underestimated the fact it was Sunday and therefore there were a million families there with small children. Anyway, so we start golfing and I'm majorly kicking his trash (though I'm no longer to say "I'm going to kick your trash" because lets be honest its a horrible Utah offense to Utah) and he's getting kind of mad. So I decided to take my mom's advice and let him win, and things were much better after that. The moral of this story is, sometimes you just need to let boys win to keep the peace in America.

I had never been to this golf course, but it was way cute with waterfalls and stuff. I miss Swing Time though that was sadly destroyed to be the home of a McDonalds. They also had ice cream and food there so after I was "beaten" at mini-golf we got some yummy ice cream and ate it outside on the picnic tables and watch people golf. It kind of made me miss Bulloch Drug though oddly enough (I never thought I would say that by the way). After that we decided to be brave and try the new Mountain Dew flavors, which are all gross, so yes I spare you all from having to waste your money on them.

I only have one more week of being 23 years old, and let me just say 23 was WAY better than 22 for a variety of reasons, though I hope 24 will be a million times better than 23 because there is room for improvement. I had more I was going to write, but I am going to go make banana split muffins instead :D

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Ashley said...

you are adorable! I miss you! I hope life is wonderful!!!