Monday, July 28, 2008

I passed!

Just a quick blog to say that i passed my drivers test, yay me :) I am now licensed to drive hooray! In Wisconsin you can lose up to 24 points on your test before you fail and you can lose points for a variety of things. Well I lost only 1 point, and its because I forgot to turn my lights off before we left the DMV (they check your lights, signals, horn, etc before you leave). Maybe he had pity on me because I was 24 instead of 16, but either way I was happy. I even parallel parked perfectly (and for the record I learned how to parallel park 30 minutes before my test ha ha), and the 3 people before me and the person after me all failed. The test guy even told my mom that I was an excellent driver and she had nothing to worry about.

To celebrate my mom took me to TGIFridays for lunch, and then bought me a new pair of sunglasses at the mall. I also got a Brewers t-shirt, which leads me to my next "present" you could say. The wonderfulness that is the person named Brian is being shown to me again! He's taking me to the Brewers game on Wednesday at Miller Park against the Cubs. The seats are all sold out so we have standing room only tickets, but personally thats just fine by me! I'm really excited for that!

Anyway I'm dead tired and so I'm going to go nap, I just thought I would update on that :D

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Ashley said...

YAY!!! i'm excited for you!