Monday, July 21, 2008


Today is my Mom and Dad's 34th wedding anniversary! Happy Anniversary to them! Seriously i love my parents, and they are so great at putting up with me and my many frustrations lately. I knew my Dad wanted to take my Mom out for dinner tonight, but I was invited along which was fun for me. We went to this place in Brookfield called Charcoal Grill, and though I didn't like my actual entree I LOVED the things I stole from my parents ha ha.

Other than that, my life is still boring. My driver's test got moved to the 28th due to a meeting being scheduled that my mom couldn't get out of. I'm ok with that, it gives me 4 extra days to practice, and I still can't parallel park.

I've been missing my friend Cecilia lately a lot because a few days ago I was cleaning out my e-mail address book and came across her address but couldn't bring myself to delete it. Cecilia and her family moved to America from Sweden when she was 8, and she was the sweetest girl ever. She was one of my closest friends in high school and the only reason I made it through organic chemistry our junior year. She kind of stayed around Waukesha when we graduated, and worked at Target with my brother so we kept in touch better than most. A year or so after we graduated she was diagnosed with brain cancer, and subsequently died almost 2 years ago (2 years this fall). The last time I was home that summer before she died she called me to do something but I didn't get the message til a few days later (thanks Verizon) and I never got to see her. I don't really know why i'm suddenly missing her, but at least I know she is in a better place doing amazing things I'm sure.


Judy said...
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The Robinson Family said...

I'm excited for you to take your driving test on Monday! I hope it goes well! Good Luck!!!