Friday, July 25, 2008

Tagged again

I think: that Utah and Wisconsin should be closer together.

I know: many random facts about random topics

I want: to find my first full-time real grown-up job.

I have: way too much free time these days ha ha

I wish: that my life was the way I want it to be (aka I'm not a patient person ha ha)

I hate: seafood!

I miss: my friends in Utah, and Steele

I fear: that my mom or dad will die prematurely

I smell: my french onion sun chips! Yum!

I crave: french fries a lot of the time.

I search: for a purpose in my life

I wonder: where I actually will be in 5 years

I regret: giving up easily (this mostly pertains to a relationship or two)

I love: my family!

I care: about giving back in life more than I take

I always: am singing.

I am not: good at getting things done early. I can't function unless its under huge stress ha ha

I believe: that God has a plan for me and it will work out for the best in the end.

I dance: when no one is watching

I sing: all the time!

I don't always: live up to my potential

I write: in a paper journal sometimes

I lose: bobby pins, pony tail holders, and house keys (seriously, I lose keys the day after I get them)

I win: at cards and board games, I'm awesome

I never: want to go to another funeral for a child.

I listen: to country music!

I can usually be found: with a book in my hand, or singing

I am scared: of spiders!

I need: a job!

I am happy about: seeing Batman tonight!

I tag: anyone who wants to do this :) and reads my blog.

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