Sunday, July 13, 2008

Summer Results Thusfar

So I have been trying really hard to eat well and work out since I've been home. Lets be honest its not like I have a job or anything to go to ha ha. I have been trying not to actually weigh myself because I find myself becoming very obsessed with the numbers. Anyway, when I left Utah I was a size 13/14 pants. Well now, today I went shopping with my mom, and I tried on pants at a store I quite often buy jeans from. They were a 9/10 and a little loose but not too bad so I tried on a 7/8 and I could barely button them, but nonetheless I could. The fact I couldn't breathe isn't important right? ;) Anyway that means I'm a size 8/9 (hey now I can make stuff up its my blog) and that I've lost like 2 and a half pant sizes since I started this whole work out thing sometime at the end of May. Not bad I say.

Side note, I just saw Kirby Heybourne from all the mormon movies in a Miller Lite Beer commercial...if thats not just a double standard I don't know what is.

None the less, I was very excited about my new size 7/8 pants that I'm determined to be able to breathe in by the end of the week. I think not working at Bulloch Drug surrounded by ice cream, candy, and soda is definitely a major cause of this wonderfulness. I get to go car shopping now, yay for cars!

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