Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Old Fashioned Baseball!

On Sunday Brian and I went to Old World Wisconsin to go to a vintage 1868 baseball game. It was so fun! Old World Wisconsin is this place where they took a bunch of old buildings from around Wisconsin and moved them to one location. Then you can tour them, and they have farmsteads growing the things that each nationality of farmhouse that they have would have grown back then. In addition, they have random events throughout the year, like baseball games.

For the games, they use recreations of equipment, uniforms, and the rules from 1868. I was thinking that it wouldn't be that much different minus the uniforms, but it actually was. There were a bunch of different terms they used for different things, like the batter was the striker. The rules were slightly different too, like you could catch the ball on one bounce and it would still be considered an out, and if the ball went over the fence (out of bounds)it was a ground rule double, not a homerun. I'm sure there were other differences but thats all I really remember. They also have people dress up in old fashioned costumes walking through the audience, so I thought that was fun too! Brian is always extra amazing and brought his camera so I thought I would share some pictures!

This is Brian and I waiting for the game to start. Yup it sure is one of my famous self-portraits (though Brian is infiltrating the "self" part ha ha...but I don't mind)

Here is the rival team (the Milwaukee Grays) lining up for introductions

This is the umpire! He was the coolest haha!

This is a picture taken during the game, and some guys big fat head

This is more of the game, and the BFG's head again ha ha...he wasn't really that fat but look at that neck roll!

Aw and another cute picture of Brian and I :)


Lindsey said...

that looks like tons of fun! I like baseball games. :D

Michael Horne said...

It should be "Brian and me," not "Brian and I."
Glad you liked OWW.