Friday, August 15, 2008

Ugh I have to do this!

So lately I just have been so blah, and really have like dreaded things like having to get ready because I always feel fat and I hate doing my make-up and hair because tha requires actually analyzing myself in a mirror. Today I really thought about this, and I realized that its because I haven't been living really healthy. So today I decided to re-make some goals that I made a few months ago that I didn't really keep up. So these are my new goals:

-Giving up soda period, including diet ones. Mass headaches to pursue, and probably crankiness, but I think I can handle it. Watch out everyone around me though ha ha.

-Reducing my Starbucks consumption to once a week, and to light drinks. I have this evil little card that lets you get cold coffee drinks for 2 bucks after 2 pm...and I have been using mine a lot. Well, I'm only going to treat myself once a week, and I realized if you get the small one in the light style its really only 3 weight watchers points which isn't a bad lunch (I always get them for lunch ha ha). Now i'm not really doing weight watchers because it tends to make me more obsessed than I should be, but I still use the points thing occasionally to judge how "bad" or "good" something is for you.

-NO MORE EATING FAST FOOD! Ok so this one will be slightly more difficult because since neither Brian nor I live by ourselves when we want a meal we do go to a restaurant, but just because we get fast food or even restaurant food in general doesn't mean I have to get something bad. I can get something like a salad with reduced calorie or non-fat dressing. Now yes sometimes salads are worse for you than a burger, but for one, I never use even half of the dressing, nor do I ever actually finish a fast food salad since they're ginormous.

-High Fructose Corn Syrup-Now I bring this up in hesitation. So I learned in advanced nutrition about how this works in the body and it truly is awful. However, things like yogurt that have it in it aren't necessarily "bad". Like the benefits outweigh the negative effects of the HFCS. Granted, you can get yogurt without it, but its never the kind that I actually enjoy (I'm picky about yogurt). The same goes with some breads. So, things like that will be allowed because its better to eat the tiny bit of HFCS than miss out on the benefits that stem from foods like yogurt and whole-grain bread. Yes I realize some fast food salad dressings have HFCS in them, but again its better than eating something deep fried. Its definitely going to be a balancing act between two evils when it comes to things like eating out. I think this goes to be a "little bit is ok every so often" type thing. Oh and my main "hunger killer" food has high fructose corn syrup in it, but also has 35% of your daily fiber needs. They're the fiber one chocolate oat granola bars...seriously they're only 1 weight watcher point, and for a snack food like a granola bar thats pretty dang good. Plus it kills my chocolate (or peanut butter, they also have PB ones) craving and are EXTREMELY delicious...they taste just like the quaker chewy granola bars that really have no benefit to you.

-Exercise. I HATE running. I posted about my running thing a few months ago and it was AWFUL. I dreaded doing it, and as a result I stopped. So I thought about this, and I realized that just because running gives you quick results and is really good for you doesn't mean its the only way to be healthy (this is a total duh to everyone else, but I always thought if you weren't a runner you sucked basically ha ha). I realized that walking for an hour and a half every day (power walking, not just strollin along) can be just as beneficial, same with biking, rollerblading, and anything else cardio. The important thing is just to do SOMETHING. I need to get over my whole "I HAVE to run to be healthy" thing.

-Calcium. I have a hard time drinking milk, I really do, but my aunt recently has gotten extremely fast bone thinning and it kind of scares me. I will try very hard to get my RDA of calcium and drink more milk. Plus, some studies show it reduces adipose tissue in the stomach region so thats another good benefit...though some studies say thats not true, but lets just say it is for sake of motivation!

-Treats! I think this is most important. I tend to not treat myself when I diet and then I binge, so I'm going to have to find a way to incorporate small treats occasionally to avoid this bad cycle of eating well and then binging. Like I love french fries, and a small (the size of a kids meal) thing of fries really won't do a huge damage to my diet as long as I balance it out somewhere else in the day.

I have lost 10 pounds (with more loss than that, but I gained some back) so far, which is barely a dent in my 50 pound weight loss goal. I KNOW I can do this, and I know I have to do it for my health and my future. Plus, in October I potentially have to don a swimsuit to an indoor water park resort, and goodness knows no one wants to see THAT when I look like this. The last time I wore a swimsuit was 3 years ago on HOPE tour...So here goes...Hey and the more weight I lose the more cute clothes i get so that has to be motivation ha ha. Anyone want to join me? I figure its better to do things together :) it always seems to make things easier.


Anonymous said...

I'll join you :)

The Robinson Family said...

I know how you feel about the getting ready thing. I feel the same way. That is probably why I haven't actually done my hair and make-up until 3:00 pm these past couple of days. But I guess I do feel a bit better about myself once it is done.