Thursday, December 18, 2008

Reason Number 258 I miss Utah...

Apparently it's Utah week at the mall in Wisconsin for me. First there was the awesome fry sauce discovery. Then today I was walking through the mall happy with my cute new outfit I got from the Gap as my "I lost 8 pounds" present...wait...I have to share my cute new outfit.

This is the shirt:

And these are the pants

And then I got a strand of grey pearls from Boston Store to go with it. The best part is, with my discount for being such a fantastic employee, I got the outfit for $56.00. Not bad for pants a sweater and some pearls.

Anyway, the reason I'm missing Utah for the 258th time is, I saw someone wearing a Dixie State Rebels hoodie. Now i've seen U of U and a billion BYU hoodies on people, but never someone from SUU or Dixie State. It made me all sorts of Southern Utah home-sick, and I can't wait to go back to visit and actually have some girlfriends to hang out with.

Now don't get me wrong, I still lay claim to be dating the greatest guy ever. For example, a week or so ago I was on my way home and we had a conversation something like this:

Me: "dang I need to run some errands today to get some stuff for my mom's christmas present"
Him: "where are you going?"
Me: "JoAnn fabrics, blah blah blah something about more places to go I'm sure involving the mall"
Him: "I'll go with you if you want"

Yes, that's right, he VOLUNTEERED WILLINGLY to go to the crafts store and the mall with me, and stood in the bajillion person long line to get fabric cut. Thats true love right there. And he even gave his opinion beyond the typical guy answer of "I don't care". Just another example of how great Brian is.

Anyway, sometimes a girl just needs a girl to talk to, shop with, and to have a girl night complete with a cheesey romance movie with. I regret being so stuck up and stupid in high school and early college, because honestly I don't have any friends in Waukesha who are girls. Plus I don't do the whole bar thing so I have no clue what I'd do with any girl friends here even if I did. I definitely am in need of some Cami/Lindsey/Judy (with little James ha ha cause he's the cutest 1 and a half year old I know)/Schmemily time. Hopefully it'll only be a few more months til I can have some girl time!! I know I've talked about all that before, but I just felt the need to vent about it again, so there you go.


Ashley said...

stacey... utah misses you too!!! (or at least a little lonely ashley in northern utah does!!!) hope all is well!! :) Oh... details later. Good story, maybe ice cream is involved. If that is the case... it would be the BEST kind money can buy! :)

The Robinson Family said...

I miss you too. I need girl time. I never hang out with anyone anymore besides family. You definitely need to come back and visit so we can hang out.

Bill and Emily Grant said...

I am excited for you to come visit and we definitely need to have a big girl night! ... Just as long as my new addition can be invited too!

I hope you have a great Christmas!