Monday, September 22, 2008

Ashley Tisdale ruins perfectly good songs!

Haha my subject line comes from my first official day of work today. I never really thought about the music that they would play at the Baby Gap/Gap Kids, that is until today I realized oddly that every other song played there is by Miley Cyrus. Then I started to really pay attention, and I realized that indeed every other song is not only by Miley Cyrus, but the ones in between are remixes of good disney songs. Sure theres some 80's music thrown in the mix, and other random songs, but the girl who trained me said that every month they get a new Muzak CD but it always seems to be the same. Then while putting away toddler girls' clothing I heard Ashley Tisdale ruining a perfectly good song from Enchanted, the "Thats How You Know" song or whatever its called. I love that song in its original form, but thats just ridiculous to have it remade already. I'm protesting Disney remaking its own songs with its teen artists from here on out.

I liked work today though, and everyone is super nice. The girl who trained me was way cool and I'm glad she wasn't obnoxious like a lot of people can be. I'm not dreading this job as much as I was before, but I still need to find more income somewhere.

In other news, since its past midnight it is officially Brian's and my two-month-a-versary! I'll have to admit it seems a lot longer than only 2 months (in a good way), and I'm looking forward to many more month-a-versaries. That also means its only one month exactly until our little trip to the Kalahari Resort in Wisconsin Dells. I even officially got off of work for it (which I was sort of worried about), so long as I promise to work the day after Thanksgiving and the day after Christmas I can get it off. Brian asked me if it was worth it, and I would have to! Since most of you are Utah type people I decided to post some pictures of the Kalahari I found courtesy of their website. Maybe its a little early cause it's a month away, but I'm so freaking excited to get out of the Milwaukee area that I'm doing it now.

This is what the outside looks like:

And they have an indoor water park, as well as an outdoor water park. However, I'm guessing since its the end of October when we're going, the outdoor one will be out of commission. So here is the indoor one:

And this is where I'm going one of the days that Brian is in his meetings and such, except I'm getting the head to toe exfoliation treatment and not so much a mani or pedi:

PS Does it bother anyone else that not only does the guy in this picture have that stupid soul patch on his face, but that he's getting a pedicure? I'm all for metros and guys who are manly enough to get pedis, but a.) metros don't have soul patches and b.) thats one heck of a girly pedicure...note the flowers and fruits floating in the foot bucket thing. I just want to hand him a Mach 5 razor and a sports illustrated and/or repossess his man card. Not only that, but its obviously a couples pedicure and I would never submit Brian to that...would anyone else make their significant other do that?

and lastly, this is some of the cool decor they have around the lobby. I want to curl up in my pj's with some hot chocolate and chill with this elephant ha ha. Too bad the other guests probably would look at me like I'm psycho.

Its weird to think that had Brian and I live in Utah we would be getting the "so when are you getting married?" " when are you getting engaged?" type questions. Let me just say I'm so glad we're not in Utah ha ha, despite how great he is I am no where near in a place to even think about getting married any time soon, let alone engaged. But I am glad that he treats me so well and that someday I hope you all get to meet him :)


The Robinson Family said...

I agree with you on the remaking of perfectly good disney songs. They are hardly ever an improvement. Your trip to the resort sounds like a lot of fun, I wish Jared and I could go to something like that.

Lindsey said...

1- Brian sounds awesome!
2- That resort looks awesome!! You'll have to tell me all about it!!