Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Money Blues!

So I've been extremely worried about money lately for no real reason. Maybe its because I've been extremely focused on my future lately for again no real reason, but I've been a worry-wart about it anyway. I live at home, I have a car payment that quite frankly my parents would pay if I couldn't (not that I want them to, I'm just saying if I couldn't pay it then they'd take care of it), and I have a credit card payment due to things like books and stuff I couldn't afford my last year of college, but I don't have to worry about putting a roof over my head, clothes on my back, or food in my mouth. My parents take care of all that for me, I love my parents, they're so great and are such a blessing in my life. I was stupid when it came to money when I was 19 and 20 and now I"m paying for it by having little to no savings. Anyway, being that I start my job tomorrow I figured out my paychecks and deducted taxes to see how much I'd be making in a year.

Then I decided to see how much I could spend a week if I payed an extra 50 dollars every month on my car, gave myself 35 dollars a week for gas (thats roughly how much I'll be paying a week based on 4 dollars a gallon), payed my student loan, and completely payed off my credit card in a year. It left me with $420.00 for the year to use as free money or save...thats not a whole lot.

I've then decided I was screwed over by the educational system. Seriously, unless you want to be a doctor, nurse (and other health care positions like a dentist), teacher, accountant or lawyer whats the point of going to school? They want experience more than an education. I've seen countless jobs that are "high school diploma plus 3-5 years of experience" but they wont substitute education for that experience. Ok so then you could argue "take a entry level job"...good luck finding one that doesn't require any experience.

Basically, I should have just gotten a crappy paying job out of high school, and then worked my way up in the company and gained the experience, and got my associates on the side. Ok, I know some of you want to throw the whole "but your education was important, you learned so much, blah blah blah" thing in there, but honestly what good is it doing me? I could have read books at Barnes and Noble and learned the same crap that really isn't helping me.

I just pray that either a.) a full time job will open up at Gap Kids or b.) I'll find a full-time non-retail job. Let me clarify that I don't want to work my life away at Gap Kids, but they do have a good management program with awesome benefits that I do want to go into, and I do want to get my MBA someday (Brian no laughing at my ADD job choices lately) so it is the experience I need. I just wish I could be able to save more.

Thats my venting, and I won't apologize for it because its my blog and I can bloggity blog about anything I want!

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