Thursday, September 25, 2008

More Wisconsin Perks!

Tonight I got to sit in the FM 106.1 suite for the Carrie Underwood concert. It was amazing!

FM 106, for the record, is our local country radio station that also happened to win the CMA award for best large radio station in the country last year. So needless to say, the DJ's pretty much rock. The opening act for Carrie Underwood was Little Big Town, which is sort of one of my favorite bands. I have been wanting to go to their concert since New Years when they played at the local casino, but I was consequently sick (surprise surprise). Their section was great! They're way awesome live, and because of them I want to rock the white-girl sporting a fro look. Admit it, I'd look hot.

Carrie Underwood was amazing live too. She didn't do my favorite song (Lessons Learned) but thats ok. She's really so beautiful in person too, and it made me want to become a blonde. There were these really obnoxiously drunk girls in front of us a few rows making things not as pleasant, but I guess when you're sitting in a cushey seat with free foods and drinks life isn't bad. To top it off, in the suite they had a TV which the guys insisted was turned on the Brewers game so I got to see the game as well. What else could a girl need? After the concert I have a new desire to pick up my guitar and practice more so I can be amazingly hot (once I lose my 50 pound goal of weight) with my guitar, short denim skirt, cowboy boots, hat, and plaid shirt. All proper attire for a country singer ha ha (I wish).

Tomorrow, is round two of trying to go play Bingo. It didn't pan out so well last time because it was SUPER crowded. So we're going earlier and dang it we're getting a good seat. I need to think of a new present to buy myself because I was gifted with a lovely coach purse this past week from my mom. Its not the one in the picture, but its the same color of brown and I adore it! Wait, I know...I need a black one because my winter coat is black and white herringbone. I think I'll wish for this one:

I love the bow, and this would look super cute with my winter coat, and I found the picture on for all those liability type things that could pop up some day.

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