Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Gainfully Employed (finally)

I finally got a job, and its at Gap Kids/Baby Gap. I would be more excited about it if it wasn't part-time. I would be even more excited if I was making decent money and not just $8.00 an hour. But I figure that its better than making no money when I have zero job prospects elsewhere. Oh wait the lady at Hallmark wants me to work there part time for $8.00 too.

I was excited with the thought of working in retail again because its better than sitting around at home, but now I'm just blah. Like seriously what did I just work my butt off for 6 years for so i can be making just as much as I was at Bulloch Drug (no wait, a whole 75 cents more) with no benefits or anything. People keep saying "oh you can keep looking for a full-time job" but the thing is, I would feel so guilty just up and quitting right away. So I decided Ill stick with it through the holiday season until January unless something amazing comes up full-time with benefits in the mean time. I just feel weird about the whole thing, not that its wrong weird, but like...depressed this is where my life has taken me. Back to the mall. Maybe its depressing because the job I had before leaving for college was also at the mall, again making me wonder why did I go into debt with student loans just so I can end up where I started. Oh right...I got an education. I think I could have just gotten the same knowledge from reading books at Barnes and Noble on my break time.

I guess I need to be grateful that I have a job that does pay me more than minimum wage and isn't flipping burgers at McDonalds (no offense to those past McDonalds people). Ok thats my venting on the subject and I'll try to get this "weird" feeling to go away and be excited. I have a tiny ray of hope that the Marquette Dental College still will hire me on full time with benefits since I haven't been rejected yet and according to the website they're still in the proccess. They have til Wednesday (my first day on the job at Gap Kids/Baby). Lets just hope it happens and then I really will feel like celebrating.


Wila (aka Ali) said...

I know it seems tough sometimes, but congrats on the job! It will be fun, it's the kind of job you can enjoy and leave any stress at the door. Something great will come along soon!! :-) Happy Gapping!

Lindsey said...

You are employed!! Yippee!! This will be a fun and good temporary job for sure!! Yay Stacey!!