Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I Am So Lucky!

So today there was a doorbell ring at my door today, and to be honest I was very surprised because no one ever comes to visit me except Brian, but he and I have rendevous (or something like that) plans for this afternoon. Lo and behold! Its my mailman...er mail lady with packages in hand. Packages only mean one thing, surprises, and this time there were 2, one for me and one for my mom. They were our aprons from the Apron Swap from our super secret partners. After much struggle with a shiny bubble wrap envelope (ok so normal people would use scissors but I was bound and determined not to...but gave up and resorted to scissors after quite a struggle) I got to see my apron. I was nervous because neither my mom nor I ever have luck with things like this and since I roped my mom into this I totally wanted us to "get good ones". (If you haven't figure it out, I'm building to my excitement level).

Oh man, the apron I got is amazing! Its the prettiest apron ever and totally my style. I mean come on its fall colors mixed with pink...what could be more me than that? It even has an S on it and a nice big pocket. Its made so extremely well and I am in love with it. In fact I'm going to make Brian let me make him dinner just so I can wear it around him (Brian, if you're reading this...I'm making you dinner buckaroo). It was made by Alison H. from Virginia. If you're reading this too, thanks a million! I love it!

And since I can I'm posting a picture. The self portrait with camera phone wasn't working out so hot, so heres just a picture of it spread out all cute on the floor.


Lindsey said...

that is so super cute! I love the ones you and your madre made by the way! I have to sign up for that apron swap some day!!--first I need to get a sewing machine... :) Anyway--super cute!!

Wila (aka Ali) said...

I'm so glad you like it! It was so much fun to make! I also LOVE your new Fall Background. :-) Have a great weekend!!