Sunday, November 9, 2008

Mini Update from Yesterday

First of all, thanks to those who commented. I love you girls and I left you little facebook comments cause its easier than these blog comment things on random entries. Secondly, today is a much better day. This morning started out crappy, I woke up late, was running behind to work (I like to get to the mall 20 minutes early, for parking reasons mostly), and was crabby. However, on my way to work (already running behind mind you) I got stuck waiting for a train which only agitated me more. I turned on my radio to crank up some country music when "Here" by Rascal Flatts is on.

Now my feelings I described in my last entry were mostly stemmed due to some baggage from a previous relationship. Then the chorus from the song hit me (and I know I've posted these lyrics before, but bear with me ha ha) and it says:

And I wouldn't change a thing
I'd walk right back through the rain
Back to every broken heart
On the day that it was breakin'
And I'd relive all the years
And be thankful for the tears
I've cried with every stumbled step
That led to you and got me here, right here

And it suddenly just cheered me up. Yes most of this song refers to Brian, but at the same time I wouldn't have gotten to know MANY of my friends had it not been for some awful things that happened to me. And I would relive my past to get to where I am today, to be able to live in this moment with all I have. Heck, parking was AWFUL at work and I was late and such but I wasn't cranky at all after that. I love little tiny things like a song on the radio that helps so much.

I also got to spend some quality time with Brian after I got off of work. We watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall, ate stuffed crust pizza from Pizza Hut, and just cuddled. It was amazing per usual and he made me feel so great about myself again.

To top it off, it was SNOWING! Like real snow storm as I drove home which made me super happy (and scared, my first time driving in the snow and all ha ha). Life surely is great!

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Lindsey said...

oooh! I love snow...and driving in snow...and cuddling...and stuffed crust pizza...and Stacey!!!