Monday, November 17, 2008

Car or Ice Skate?

So today when I left for work at 1 this afternoon it was snowing, just flurries as Brian would say. Well when my co-worker was a half hour late (5:30 instead of 5) due to traffic i was thinking that maybe it was snowing really hard. Well I got to my car and it wasn't snowing, it had snowed, but it had stopped. I was thinking maybe people were just not used to driving in snow, like myself. I was jamming out to the Christmas station when I heard that the road I usually take was down to 4 lanes instead of 6 and the alternate route was also backed up, so I decided to scrap that route all together and go by way of my mom's hospital which is a little out of the way but whatever. As soon as I got on that route I realized the problem. Ice...mass quantities...the whole road from side to side was just ice all over the general Milwaukee/Waukesha area.

I was doing ok, but the car in front of me was all over the place like an ice skate and it made me nervous so I kept my distance. Eventually he slid all the way off the side of the road, turned on his hazards, and then I passed because I figured he gave up. Apparently not, he pulled out behind me and it made me nervous. So there are these huge hills that I needed to go up and down and I was doing ok until I got to the one right in front of my moms hospital. My car started to slide (you see no one told me about putting it into first, and tapping the break) and eventually I slid all the way sideways down the hill praying I wouldn't roll my car. Eventually I stopped only to look over and see the other car sliding down the hill much in the same manner as I did until he slid into my car. It was so scary and it was like mass slow motion. The guy was nice and helped push my car (I couldn't get traction) around til I could drive it off onto a side road and he said he'd pull behind me to exchange info. JUST KIDDING he took off. Therefore screwing me over should anything have happened to my car (it wasn't that fast lets be honest but still it was scary). So far only one dent has appeared but since it's dark we'll see what appears in the daylight. My mom came and saved me (it took her an hour and a half to go what usually is a 20 minute drive for she was at a different hospital for the day) and we parked my car at her hospital (they salted the hill about 2 hours after I slid down it) and we drove home in her car. Needless to say it was very very scary and I very very much am dreading driving again.

The funny part was, after you crossed from Brookfield (where I slid) into Waukesha the roads were completely void of any traces of snow. The roads weren't even wet at all nor was there any snow to be found. Weird. On top of that, Brian is the greatest boyfriend as always. He wanted to come save me but couldn't due to road conditions. He really is my knight in a trusty white taurus!

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Bill and Emily Grant said...

Oh dear! I know how that must have felt! Remember driving with me and sliding through the church parking lot because we missed our turn?! Yeah.... Billy thought we were going to die! I also had an experience sliding all the way down Ridge Road on Leigh Hill!!! Scary stuff!!! I'm glad you are okay, even if the other guy was a jerk!!