Sunday, November 16, 2008

Its my fault you can't watch your kid?

Ok so I know I don't personally have children and so maybe I don't have claim on what I'm about to vent on, but I'm venting anyway because well I can. So today at work it was INSANELY busy...we're talking like $30,000 in revenue for our one little store type busy (PS...recession what? If we're in a recession how can people have that much to spend on overpriced baby clothes?). Anyway, this lady is checking out with her piles of stuff and I was completely unaware she even had a child with her because she never asked for her kid nor looked around for her. I rang up her purchases (which yes takes a few minutes as we're all aware) and she went on her way.

Then she comes storming up to the counter saying her daughter had something in her mouth that made her mouth turn blue and it HAD to come from our store cause she would never let her kid eat candy like that. Ok lady this is a CLOTHING store, we don't sell candy, nor do you think someone would be stupid enough to put it at a kid level. So then she started blaming it on our toys because we do sell toys. Again...would a major retailer be dumb enough to put teeny tiny parts in a baby/toddler store at child We only sell huge stuffed animals and huge wooden cars and other various baby safe crap. Her daughter pointed out that she put it in her mouth by the kid table (we have a kid table for kids to play at) so who knows who left it there. She proceeded to rant about how we should watch what kids do at that table (mind you, its super far from the register) and whats left there, blah blah blah. Look lady, its not my job to baby sit your kid, now thats not to say if I see a kid about to do something potentially hazardous I'll just stay quiet. I've stopped kids from potentially killing themselves on a table or something before. Yes, if someone leaves something at the table and I see it I will clean it up, but when I literally do not leave a register for 3 hours straight because it's that busy, its not my top priority. My job title does not say "babysitter", nor does our store say "playground" it says "baby/toddler clothing store". Some kids belong on leashes I swear...and maybe I wouldn't be so mad if it was like a 1 year old, her kid was like 3 so shouldn't they know better whats food and whats not or at least to know to stay by said parent?

Moral of the story: don't treat sales associates like they're idiots, and please don't expect us to watch your kids while you shop. I know this may seem pointless but she really was causing a scene and it really was rude and uncalled for and it happens repeatedly. Besides, its my blog I can vent on whatever I want.

On a positive note, my boyfriend is still super fantastically great. We played racquetball this weekend (I lost 3 of the 4 games) and went bowling (I lost 2 of 2 games ha ha) and just spent quality time together. I love him lots and I don't know what I'd do without him.

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Mikelle and Ben said...

That's hilarious! I hate when customers are like that! It's a funny story, though!