Sunday, November 23, 2008

Fitness Update (round like 10?)

So I've posted about ten times how I'm going to start losing weight and being healthy blah blahblahblahblahblahaha. It never happens...I don't know why I'm such a slacker I just am. Part of it was mostly my work schedule not coinciding properly with the gym hours, etc. Now my schedule is suddenly VERY open to letting me go to the gym so I can't use that excuse to go. Nor can I use my deadly cold, bitar (well for a while anyway), or any other excuse as to why the gym is missing me so. I am going to get healthy and fit. Although to give myself a little credit Brian and I have been playing racquetball once a week, and I did get a new racquet that I'm dying to try out!

Can a blog entry in here go by without proclaiming the greatness that is Brian? I really don't think so, so here is another example of how great he is. So today I get online after work and Brian has this idea he tells me about. He decided that we should have some MAJOR motivation to kick our bums in gear, and as a result he booked us a trip to somewhere in February (between Valentine's Day and our 6 monthaversary) but he won't tell me to where. In order to go on the trip we both have to make significant improvements in ourselves, but instead to determine it by numbers he determined that I need to be comfortable enough with myself to wear a swimsuit without shorts over it (yikes! I hate my cottage cheese thighs) and he needs to be comfortable not wearing a t-shirt to the pool (and feel picture worthy in such a state). Before we'd set goals like "we can't do this unless we get into shape" but it never would happen and we'd do whatever was said anyways. This is more concrete, like it's reserved and such...yikes!

Now I LOVE surprises but I suck at being patient when I actually know a surprise is happening. I cannot know where we are going unless I have made improvements by January 1st. Thats right, at 12:01 am on January 1st, 2009 I can know where we are going. I don't care if it's to a hotel in Waukesha (because there is a super cool hotel in Waukesha ha ha that would be fun to go to), I just want to know! That being said, tomorrow the diet is on! I'm kicking my fat-ass into gear to do this. Besides I get knew clothes and a swimsuit as a result, not from Brian cause thats way more than I need from him, but from myself and I'm sure my mom will pitch in. Aren't I lucky though to have such a supportive guy in my life who does such great things? Oh and I'm definitely lucky to have supportive parents on top of that.

Oh and Happy 4 Monthaversary :)

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