Friday, July 24, 2009


Yesterday was Brian's and my one year anniversary of dating. It's been the best year of my life, and in some ways I can't believe it's only been a year that I've known him, and in other ways it seems like it's been forever (in a good way ha ha).

We had originally tossed around the idea of going out of town for a night or two, but seeing as we're going to St. Louis next weekend and that Brian's friend from Florida would be in town this weekend, we scrapped that idea. We ended up having a great day and it was the best 12-month-a-versary ever.

First Brian was out by me visiting some clients of his in the mental hospital, and surprised me by saying he was free for lunch! I let him choose between Pizza Hut (one of his favs) and Mexican food (which Brian loves, but its one of those things I'll eat, but it's not something I crave or anything). He chose Pizza Hut and so we went and had the podunkiest buffet ever...which is sad since we've had some Pizza Hut buffets in some pretty podunky towns in Northern, WI. It was still fun cause really I enjoy any time spent with him.

In the afternoon he had to go back to work, and I ran errands around town. When I got home there was a ginormous box on my porch addressed to me! I love getting mail of any sorts, but seeing as this was a giant box I was extra curious. Upon opening the box I found these:

I was extremely shocked that Brian sent me flowers!! Not only that but they're my favorite flowers in my favorite colors. I was so surprised and happy I cried. I took this picture right when I took them out of the box so it doesn't do them justice at all. After being in water for a few hours, plus my mom doing her expert arranging, they looked much better.

Brian told me that we had dinner plans that night but wouldn't tell me to where. I got all cute and dressed up, and mi madre wanted to take a picture of me dressed up with my flowers, so here you go on the picture of that cause I really like this picture ha ha (I'm so vain):

We ended up going to dinner at The Melting Pot, which really was awesome! We had the three course meal with a mexican cheese fondue, a wine based fondue meat course, and then a chocolate crunchy peanut butter dessert fondue. It was so yummy, minus the fact that I tried lobster for the first time and I wasn't a fan (side note, in the span of a week I tried crab legs, duck, and lobster for the first time and hated them all, but at least I tried). We kept laughing because the people in a booth near us talked the whole time about how their waitress had so many similiarities with a soap opera tv character, and literally talked about soaps and the soap network the whole time.

Here are a few pictures I took during the meal. The first one is of the aftermath after we ate all the meat, but you can see the creepy lobster tail shell that the lobster was served on. I made Brian turn it over at one point so I could see the underside, and it creeped me out so bad I almost threw up ha ha. I know its a pointless picture, but I think its fun for posterity's sake.

The second is an attempt at a self portrait that I cut myself out of...but I think Brian looks cute with his cheesy smile so here you go.

It was a great night, and a great way to celebrate the past year. I'm so happy and grateful to be with Brian, and he constantly makes me feel like the luckiest girl alive. He's awesome, and I'm so proud of all that he's accomplished with his law business and other things. Yup, I say these things a lot, but it's only because I mean them and I can hardly believe how wonderful life is sometimes.


Wila (aka Ali) said...

Congrats on one year! Yeah! What a great day you two had. I love the Melting Pot, especially for special occasions like this one! And good for you for trying new things...I'm not a fan of duck at all :-) Have a great weekend!

Bill and Emily Grant said...

Congratulations! I am way happy for you! Brian seems way cool! I'm glad he makes you so happy!

P.S. The other day I caught myself thinking about the viscosity of my pancake syrup...and I thought of you! :)