Monday, July 6, 2009

My needs

Ashley tagged me to do this, so here I am doing it :)

Here's what you do: Go to, then type in "... needs".
That means I typed in "Stacey needs". Then you post the first 5 things that pop up!
Here's what I need:

1. "Stacey be amongst people of her own age, and to be stimulated (this can be taken a couple of different ways...)." this is kind of scandalous I think...
2. "Stacey needs...someone she can rely on" I already have people I can rely on! thank goodness!
3. "Stacey bake her daughter a cake". I always knew I had illegitimate children somewhere...
4. "Stacey help to fulfil her Olympic dream" Yes! I'm going to be a gold medal ping pong player! Or rhythmic gymnast!
5. "Stacey on facebook" man I feel bad for the Stacey Needs who gets googled a lot from this tag...poor thing.

Now... time to find out what you need! I tag anyone who wants to do it!


Mikelle and Ben said...

That's funny! My favorite is the one where you have to make your daughter a cake!:) Good times!

Wila (aka Ali) said...

That's funny. I did it and got these two great ones:

Ali Needs A Batmobile To Get Herself Out Of A Jam


Ali needs a vacation, but the Dragon takes her to a place magical in its...?

Um, crazy!?