Wednesday, October 1, 2008

7 Weird Things

Natalie tagged Cedar people to do this, so here I go

7 things that you may NOT know about me

1) I hate water. I don't like to drink plain water because it makes me nauseous. It stems from when I went through some hard times and would drink like 150-200 ounces of water a day and I was always sick largely due to that probably (I weighed about 115 pounds at the time so thats quite a bit of water, and I wasn't heavily exercising to have a need for that much water, or any amount near it for that matterl). As a result, drinking plain water makes me sick. However, sometimes I CRAVE it, like I have to have it. These times are rare and few and far between, and I don't get sick during these times.

2) I HATE when people chew on ice. It sends me into shivers, goosebumps, and subsequent mini convulsions ha ha.

3) I hate silverware. I hate the sound of it scraping against plates and bowls and what not. I would much rather eat with plastic utensils all the time. Subsequently, I can eat with it in restaurants and such because thats life, but under no circumstances can I eat yogurt or cake with a real piece of silverware. It has to be plasticware or I wont eat the item at hand at all.

4) I am obsessed with cake decorating and cakes, but I have never actually decorated a cake beyond slapping some frosting from a can with some icing writing. One of my dreams is to take a cake decorating class.

5) I love all things dinosaur related ha ha. My dream is to have a pleo dinosaur of my very own. the sad thing is, it's an obsession that started randomly. I had just broken up with Steve and luckily I have a great friend named Judy who invited me to do things with her and we were going to a bonfire for some specific reason that I didn't know. Anyway, there was something in the road and I think it was Judy who asked "what is it?" and I answered "A dinosaur!" and it just kind of went from there. Silly, I know.

6) I was a model for Molly the American Girl Doll when i was little. I looked just like her with the same hair color, eye color, and I wore glasses. I still have my pair of red and white striped pajamas like hers, my mom saved them for when I have a little girl someday :) Thanks to my mom!

7) I want to open my own dress shop someday and be a dress designer but I lack the confidence and resources to do so.

The End

I TAG: Brian specifically, and anyone else who wants to :)

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The Robinson Family said...

Haha... the dinosaur thing was sooo funny. It was just so random that it was hilarious. :) I'm glad you reminded me of the story.